A CASE had to be adjourned at Mold Crown Court because a defendant had become involved in a strike over legal aid.

Phillip Smith asked for his case to be adjourned and Judge Rhys Rowlands agreed.

Smith, 23, of Craig Terrace in Denbigh, was in breach of a community order.

Judge Rowlands said that in view of the fact that he potentially faced a prison sentence he would agree to the adjournment until May 3.

He said his solicitors would need to get him a barrister or if they were unable to do so, to instruct a solicitor advocate.

His solicitor Michael Gray, of Chester, said after the case: "Criminal barristers are refusing new legally aided defence work as a protest over legal aid reforms to their fee structure.

"I am sympathetic to any action that demonstrates that the legal aid system is underfunded and that there is a genuine threat to access to justice.

"My clients are now at risk of not being properly represented in the most serious of cases and this is causing us great concern.

"We hope the Ministry of Justice will take note and address years of underfunding that has brought the system to breaking point and threatens proper representation for any one before our criminal courts."