A WOMAN told a murder trial jury today how she heard a man shout: “I will f---ing kill you” followed by a “screech”.

Ruth Molyneux, giving evidence behind a screen, told a Mold Crown Court jury: “The next thing I knew the police were kicking my door in and there was blood everywhere.”

She claimed drug users were trying to get into the flats where she lived in Connah’s Quay “day and night.”

David John Woods, 20, of Douglas Place in Liverpool, but who at the time was said to have been staying on Deeside, and Leslie Peter Baines, 48, of King’s Road, Connah’s Quay, both deny murdering 19-year-old Matthew Cassidy.

Mr Cassidy, of Huyton in Liverpool, alleged to be a drug dealer, was stabbed nine times and died in the stairwell of a block of flats at Bethel Place on Connah’s Quay High Street, shortly before 8pm on Monday, May 29, last year.

Woods was said to be the leader of a Liverpool drugs supply gang.

Miss Molyneux said people called at the flats, sometimes banging on her window to try to get in.

“What impression did you have of them?” asked prosecutor Paul Lewis QC.

“They’re going for drugs aren’t they? You can tell by looking at them. You get to know their faces,” she said.

On May 29 last year she said she heard a man shout “I will f...ing kill you. And I heard someone cry out. I heard a screech.”

Cassidy was found in a pool of blood on a landing in Bethel Place.

A former drug user, Steven Wright, who also gave evidence from behind a screen, told the jury he had been a heroin user and used to obtain his drugs by ringing a mobile phone number and receiving instructions about where and when to collect the drugs.

After calling one number on May 29 he was instructed to get his drugs from someone he knew only as “Ted” – a name by which David Woods was known, according to the prosecution.

Mr Wright said he met Ted on a cycle path about 100 yards from the Hare and Hounds pub in Connah’s Quay, bought his drugs about 7.10pm, and then gave Ted a lift “round the corner”.

He dropped him off near the Kingdom Hall, was not far from Bethel Place flats, and saw him walk towards the Bethel Place car park. He said Ted was wearing a “faded green jacket”.

Taxi driver Pail Whittaker said on May 29 he had picked up two lads, both aged between 18-19, from the Wok n Go on Connah’s Quay High Street and then took them to a house in Green Lane, Shotton, where one of the men got out went into the house and came back with a mobile phone charger.

He then dropped both of them outside the Hare and Hounds pub about 6.40pm.

Days later he recognised a picture on social media in a report of a man who had been stabbed and knew it was his passenger who had gone for the mobile phone charger.

The prosecution says Woods admits he was the leader of a gang of drug dealers and claimed Mr Cassidy was part of his gang of pushers.

However, the prosecution say Mr Cassidy did not work for Woods but was competing with him.

Although there are no eye witnesses residents heard screaming and as they went to help Mr Cassidy.

Two men were seen leaving the block of flats which the prosecution say was Woods and Baines.

Woods is alleged to have admitted stabbing Cassidy in a covertly taped conversation he had with family at HMP Altcourse in Liverpool which he claims is “nonsense” and said he was simply “showing off.”

This afternoon the jury has been shown CCTV footage of sightings of the defendants and Mr Cassidy and his associates on the day of the killing.

The trial continues.