A DRUNKEN grandfather taken to hospital by police because of concern for his welfare ended up sexually assaulting a nurse.

Wieslaw Lopusiewicz, a former government worker in Poland, indulged in a lewd act upon himself, then pointed at a nurse and grab her in the groin area.

Two nurses were physically assaulted and at one stage he was seen to be making his way towards a cubicle which contained a woman aged 95 who had been disturbed by his behaviour.

Lopusiewicz, 59, of Ffordd Llewellyn in Flint – who was due to return to Poland next week – was jailed for a year after he admitted a sex assault, outraging public decency by performing the lewd act, and assaulting two nurses.

He was ordered to register with the police as a sex offender for a decade.

Judge Rhys Rowlands told Mold Crown Court people who assaulted nurses or other medical staff late at night on hospital premises could expect to go to prison “as night follows day”.

Where the violence was accompanied by sustained, disgusting behaviour then it made the situation much more serious.

Sentences also needed to act a disincentive for others to get drink and behave in such a way on hospital premises, he warned.

Judge Rowlands told the defendant that his behaviour was “disgusting, violent and completely unacceptable”.

Barrister Ffion Tomos, prosecuting, said in the early hours of February 12 police in north Flintshire found Lopusiewicz wandering the street with his face covered in grazes and a cut to his forehead.

There was concern for his welfare and he was taken to Glan Clwyd Hospital in Bodelwyddan, where he became unconscious.

At one stage he was moved to a room from the Accident and Emergency department because staff were concerned about his behaviour.

He complained that he was extremely cold and was placed under a lamp in a cubicle.

Nursing staff believed he wanted to urinate and went to get equipment to enable him to do so.

But when they returned he had removed his blanket, was urinating and then he began to indulge in a lewd sex act upon himself.

A nurse told him to go back to bed and she was punched in the stomach and was left shocked and intimidated.

Assistance was sought, another nurse arrived and she found him sitting on the edge of the bed where he continued with the lewd act.

He looked towards her and said “wife, wife”. She told him he was being disgusting and should stop, but he continued.

Lopusiewicz then stopped what he was doing and used the same hand to point at the nurse and then touched her in the groin area over her uniform.

She pushed him away and he appeared to fall asleep.

When she returned five minutes later he was attempting to walk into another cubicle which contained a woman aged 95.

He was stopped and escorted back to his own bed – but became increasingly aggressive and pushed the nurse full force and caused her to fall back and hurt her left shoulder.

Police were called and he was arrested. He blew a reading of 127 microgrammes of alcohol which compared to the legal limit of 35 for a driver.

In a victim impact statement, the nurse who was sexually assaulted, said: “I was just doing my job.”

She had a panic attack when she went home and had to force herself to go back to work the following day.

The nurse told how she had trouble sleeping, had gone to stay with her mother, who had told her that she had been shouting “get off” with her arms flailing when she slept.

She felt as if she was going insane and but did not want to stay off work.

“I don’t want to be alone. I don’t want him to be the reason why I don’t do my job, which I love,” she explained.

But she did not go to work to be subjected to physical or sexual assault.

Interviewed, the defendant said he was so intoxicated he could remember nothing of what happened.

Simon Killeen, defending, said Lopusiewicz and his wife moved to the UK seven years ago when his youngest daughter had a baby.

It was the couple’s intention to go back to Poland as soon as possible, where they had two other older children.

Tickets had been booked for next week and his wife would leave at that stage whatever the sentence.

But he was concerned that she needed his support and that only he could access his pension to support them after he had worked for 30 years for a government ministry in Poland.

He had pleaded guilty and was remorseful for what he had done, said Mr Killeen.

Mr Killen said Lopusiewicz had no recollection but accepted his responsibility and had pleaded guilty at his first appearance at Llandudno Magistrates Court.