A WOMAN was caught drink driving on two occasions, a court was told.

Samantha Hughes, 31, was found to have a drink drive reading of 93 microgrammes, compared to the legal limit of 35, when she stopped by police on March 21.

But before she was dealt with in court she was caught a second time on April 6 when she had a reading of 60 microgrammes.

Hughes of Ffordd Glyndwr in Flint, the mother of three children including a young baby, was banned from driving for three years.

She was fined £240 with £170 costs and a £30 surcharge and was banned from driving for three years.

Prosecutor Justin Espie said that on the first occasion she was caught driving at Ffordd Glyndwr in Flint.

On the second she was driving along the west bound carriageway of the A55.

Probation officer Tracey Flavell said that the defendant accepted that she should not have been driving.

But she still questioned whether she was safe to drive which was concerning and needed to be explored further.

On the first occasion she said that she was going to the shop and could have walked.

And on the second occasion, she was driving to see her youngest son who was not in good health in hospital.

She had some difficulty of late. She was living in a property on her own and that was due to be repossessed.

The defendant was unable to keep the property after a breakdown in the relationship with her partner and father of her three children.

She worked as an insurance executive but remained on maternity leave following the premature birth of her son, after which she had been diagnosed with depression.

The defendant denied being alcohol dependent and said she drank twice a week.

But she accepted that she had turned to alcohol to deal with her difficulties.