A WREXHAM woman convicted of witness intimidation amid allegations that she shouted “tell that b****** he’s dead” has been warned she faces a possible prison sentence.

Donna Dulson, 44, of Montrose Gardens, denied issuing threats to a neighbour on October 9 knowing he was a potential witness in proceedings against her adult son, with intent to pervert the course of justice.

Dulson claimed that she was ill in bed at the time and accused prosecution witnesses of lying.

But she was convicted by a jury at Mold Crown Court.

The Judge, Mr Recorder Gregg Bull QC, adjourned sentence and bailed her on condition she does not approach prosecution witnesses.

He said it was a serious matter which normally attracted a custodial sentence. She should prepare herself “for all eventualities”, he said.

Prosecuting barrister Jade Tufail said that the defendant deliberately intimidated her neighbour Matthew Gage who was a potential witness against her son in separate proceedings.

Her son Ricky had been in a relationship with Mr Gage’s sister and she at the time had reported him to the police, the prosecutor explained.

On October 8 it was alleged that the defendant and her son had been to Mr Gage’s mother address and the police were called.

On the morning of October 9 Mr Gage’s partner Natasha Rippon was expecting her sister and mother and when they arrived, Dulson was heard shouting up the street. Mr Gage and his partner were in an upstairs window and Dulson was heard to shout “tell that b****** he’s dead” and “we are going to have you”.

Mr Gage and his partner were so concerned that they moved out temporarily and were split between families.

Dulson denied being involved and claimed that it was a conspiracy against her.

Defending barrister Kenneth Grant told the jury that it was Dulson’s case that she was ill in bed all day with broken ribs. She had not been involved in any threats and had not been outside shouting. The first she knew was when police later visited her.