by Geraint Jones

A DISTRAUGHT mother wants heartless yobs to stop targeting her baby son's grave.

Diane Wright, 56, said items placed in memory of little David Allan Wright Ellis had been stolen from his 30-year-old grave at Wrexham Cemetery, located on Ruabon Road.

Items have been stolen or smashed in the past and Miss Wright said: "I'm sick of having my stuff pinched.

"Enough's enough now.

"People are going to go there now and think I don't give a stuff about him.

"It looks empty now. It's not fair."

Miss Wright, whose son was stillborn at eight-and-a-half months in 1987, told she had gone to the cemetery for the first time in months and discovered a number of items had been taken from the grave.

The devastated mother had been unable to visit David's grave since November because of health problems including a torn retina and two mini strokes.

She had a cage installed to protect the grave several years ago as she was having to replace items every two weeks or so.

"What they didn't take they broke and left and I've just had enough," she added.

She claimed she had been told her to remove the cage last year because it looked "shabby".

Miss Wright, of Cefn-y-Nant, added the cemetery was to blame because nothing was taken or damaged when the cage was there.

"Now I'm scared that they will take what's left there because there's no fence," she said.

Among several items taken were a heart-shaped slate bearing little David's name and a rock in the shape of a plane - and Miss Wright said there was "no way" the items could have blown away in the wind.

A plastic fence put around the grave is also nowhere to be seen.

Referring to whoever took the items, Miss Wright said: "I'm just really hurt. I just think how can anyone take something off any grave, but a baby's grave is even worse.

"They're scum, the scum of the earth and they know it's a baby's grave because it's in the babies part of the cemetery.

"The wind couldn't have blown them all off. It's been stripped."

A spokesman for Wrexham Council said: “Staff have spoken with Miss Wright about the missing items and confirmed no staff member had moved the items.

"Items would only be moved if they posed a risk or we received complaints.”

Anyone with information about the thefts can contact North Wales Police on 101, quoting incident reference RC108031110.