Thousands of pounds have been spent clearing fly-tipping from town streets in the last 12 months.

Figures released to Shotton Town Council, seen by the Leader, revealed that Flintshire Council spent more than £2,700 between April last year and this month removing more than 26 tonnes of illegally dumped waste from across the town.

Cllr Mike Evans, Shotton East ward, called on Flintshire Council officers to “get out and see what’s happened to our town” while his ward colleague, Cllr Dave Evans said the matter was a “constant problem” that was “beyond a joke now.”

At their March meeting, community leaders lamented the dumping of items including mattresses and bin bags in Strickland Street and Butler Street and Cllr Mike Evans said there were “real angry people” in those areas who had become “fed up” with fly-tipping.

He said: “It’s getting worse, it’s the worst I’ve seen for a long, long time.

“Harvey Mitchell (Flintshire Council Streetscene manager) and co need to get out and see what’s happened to our town.”

According to figures seen by the Leader, in August last year, more than nine tonnes of fly-tipped waste was collected in Shotton by the local authority – at a cost of more than £1,000.

Cllr Elwyn Jones, town council chairman, said: “You can see what non-enforcement is costing.”

Cllr Dave Evans said the fly-tipping in Strickland Street and Butler Street had become a “constant problem,” adding: “It’s beyond a joke now. It’s the same place all the time.”

Reading from correspondence from Mr Mitchell, it was said the area “requires a specific campaign with public engagement.”

Cllr Doreen Mackie said: “They’ve done notices and house calls, it’s still the same.

“What I think it needs is more strict enforcement.”

Cllr Mike Evans added: “We need to see an instant impact, we’re fed up of hearing the same old excuses and residents are fed up.”

Cllr Sean Bibby said: “We want to see action taken here.

“People living in these places have to endure this day in, day out because of people who can’t be bothered to put their waste out properly.

“It’s about time we started getting tough on these people.”

Cllr Tom Oldfield said that “just one prosecution” would ensure residents would give their behaviour “a complete rethink.”