SELF-STYLED 'punk poet' Attila the Stockbroker is bringing his band to Wrexham for a special performance.

The 60-year-old, whose real name is John Baine, describes himself as a "sharp tongued, high energy social surrealist poet and songwriter."

He has performed over 3,300 concerts, published eight books of poems and an autobiography and released over forty recordings.

Although there’s always been an element of music in his set, this year sees the spoken-word performer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist prioritise his musical side for the first time after 37 years and over 3,000 gigs primarily working as a poet.

The Wrexham gig, which takes place at Saith Seren on Saturday March 24 at 8pm, is part of a UK-wide tour with his unique band Barnstormer and marks a welcome return for Brighton and Hove Albion FC fan Attila who became a vocal and active supporter of Wrexham FC's fans' bid to buy the club in 2011.

Barnstormer aim to do with early music and punk what the Pogues did with Irish music and punk with Attila describing their sound as ‘Roundhead Renaissancecore and Baroque ‘n’ Roll’.

A lifelong socialist and activist, he has always been fascinated by the radical movements which exploded at the end of the English Civil War and the execution of Charles 1 - radicals who can be described as the first English socialists. And his songs are inspired both musically and lyrically by the events of that tumultuous time.

Attila said: "History is mainly presented as the story of kings, queens and nobles but real history is about us and our battles for justice.

"As our country becomes more and more divided along class and generational lines, and the extremes of wealth and poverty become even more sharply defined, we can learn a lot from the events of the past."

The night is being hosted by Wrexham Partisans, a group of political football fans, and tickets for what is expected to be a sell-out gig are £10 and available behind the bar at Saith Seren or by contacting