A daughter threw a cola fridge at police officers who were trying to calm her down after she lashed out at her parents, a court heard.

Callum Hughes was so enraged after her mother questioned why she had stayed out overnight that police needed to arm themselves with shields to quell her at the family home in Bersham.

They were called out by mother, Pauline Hughes, after the 20-year-old struck her but when PC Owain Lewis tried to apprehend the defendant he was punched several times in the head.

Hughes, of Wilkinson Drive, Bersham, admitted assaulting a police officer in the execution of his duty at Bersham on February 9 and also admitted assaulting his mother on the same day.

Prosecutor Justin Espie told Wrexham magistrates Hughes suffered from mental health problems including being diagnosed with psychosis and Asperger's Syndrome.

She struck out at her mother after she was told to leave the house.

Her father told her to return home by 11.30pm, but she came back the following morning in a taxi and asked her mother to pay for it.

"Her mother asked, "Don't tell me you've been out dressed like that in this weather?", but she swore at her and threw a coca cola can at her before going upstairs and starting to throw more items down," said Mr Espie.

When the police arrived Hughes ran off upstairs holding a wooden stick and began to throw items down at them including the fridge.

The officers called for assistance, but Hughes jumped over the banister and ran out the back door with PC Lewis giving chase.

"She [Hughes] is 6ft tall and the officer who is 5ft 6in felt the defendant's state of mental health was diminishing," added Mr Espie.

"He held her, but he got punched on the back of the head twice and on the side of his head.

"Her mother doesn't want her back in the house and feels that she needs help and possibly needs to be sectioned."

Probation officer Pamela Roberts outlined that Hughes' problems had started when her parents discovered she was transgender.

"Her offending appears to be motivated by feeling angry and frustrated. She uses the relationship with her mother to justify her behaviour.

"There are complex needs here and a community order would be the way forward."

Justine McVitie, defending, said: "She was open and honest and accepts that she needs help with anger management.

"Her father is in court today and she has a good, strong relationship with him."

Magistrates imposed a 12-month community order on Hughes with a requirement she completes a rehabilitation activity.

She was also fined £140 and ordered to pay compensation to the police officer of £50 and a victim surcharge of £85, but court costs were waived.