Competitors had ‘flipping’ great fun at Mold’s Shrove Tuesday Dash at the Daniel Owen Square, as crowds didn’t allow the occasional shower of rain get the ‘batter’ of them.

Excitement was running high before the 2pm race start, as crowds of all ages gathered in the square in their teams of four to prepare for the relay.

Video and pictures by Craig Colville

Judges were harsh but fair as they deducted points from teams for failing to comply with the rules, which included all aprons being tied behind competitor’s backs, and each participant was required to flip the pancake three times before running the length of the square to hand over the pan to their team member.

David Hanson MP joined in on the action, competing as part of a team alongside Flintshire County Councillors Bryan Grew and Andrea Mearns, and clerk to the county council, Sam Roberts.

Cllr Brian Lloyd, Chairman of Flintshire Council, said he enjoyed the annual race day, which marks the last day before the lent fasting, beginning on Ash Wednesday.

Cllr Lloyd said: “The event went very well, as it does every year. The children enjoyed it and the adults by the looks of things too. It’s great to think this event brings people together.

“It is half term so there aren’t as many children taking part as we would of hoped, but the children here are all enjoying it.”

Cllr Lloyd added that it was positive and nice to see the local police force taking part, in a bid to support events in the community calendar.

The event was enjoyed by all, including business owners, staff, residents and other councillors who ventured out into the cold to watch the fun event take place.

Cllr Bob Gaffey, Mayor of Mold, was delighted with the afternoon’s turn out, and said the race was “hilarious" to watch from start to finish.

He said: “The weather is a bit blustery but everyone is enjoying it. It’s great to see the children throwing these pancakes around and overall it’s a very good event.”