VIKINGS are coming to Welshpool this June at the Powysland Museum.

A week of Viking activities are being held outside the museum from Jne 12 to 18.

The event is part of Powysland Museum’s current exhibition “The Vikings and Wales – myths, legends, facts and finds”.

A Viking-boat will be moored outside the museum, manned by Liz and Russell Scott who will display many items of Viking maritime life.

Also on site will be James Kendall, who will be taking a trip back to the Viking age to become Beorn of Dublin, a Viking craftsman and warrior.

Beorn will be giving live woodcarving demonstrations and running on-going workshops where you can try your hand at using a shave horse or carving axe to make a range of Viking crafts.

Beorn will also be demonstrating ancient fire by friction and flint & steel fire-making skills and will give talks about warfare, weaponry and life in the Viking age.

Inside the museum the children can see the original artefacts as well as replicas and compare them with modern life, there is a dressing-up corner and a number of activities including a word-search, a quiz and various pictures for colouring-in.

On weekdays sessions are available for schools and other groups.

The weekend the of June 17 and 18 will be open to all with talks and demonstrations from 10.30am to 4pm on Saturday and 3pm on Sunday.

This is a unique opportunity for visitors of all ages to get close up and personal with the Vikings.

For further details contact the museum on 01938 554656 or email