WHAT can be better than starting the weekend with a hearty breakfast?

Not only is Jemoleys the perfect venue for tasty food, but it’s also very convenient for myself, with a round trip taking about 40 seconds.

Geography really doesn’t have much of an impact on the decision to venture to Jemoleys on a regular basis, however.

My parents have become fans of the place since my wife and I moved to Penyffordd earlier this year, and it made sense after a tough week to meet up and pick the bones out of the previous seven days.

Finding a seat is usually pretty straightforward for us - mainly because my dad’s stomach is rumbling by the time the place opens at 9am.

At what felt like 9.01am, we made our way to our usual table, tucked out of the way in the corner of the main room, which has another seating area off to the side.

The drinks order is usually done within minutes of sitting down and is fairly regimented - two teas for the parents and two lattes for young(ish) ones with a stray orange juice thrown in for good measure.

An extensive food menu awaits once the drinks have been ordered, with various hot and cold options available.

The ladies decided to opt for the yoghurt pot, which includes fruit, granola and of course yoghurt, along with a round of brown toast each.

I opted for the big breakfast and my dad picked out the poached eggs with a side of bacon, which had to go underneath the eggs - don’t ask.

About 10 minutes were
spent discussing various
topics before our impressively presented food arrived at the table.

The breakfast includes sausages, bacon, eggs - however you’d like them - tomato, beans, onions and toast, with the option of black pudding as extra, which I declined on this occasion.

It arrives on a too-hot-to-handle plate that keeps the food nice and warm throughout, another
added extra on top of the delicious taste.

The yoghurt pot is a healthy size, and with a round of toast I’ve been assured it provides the ideal start to the day.

Norris senior was equally pleased with his poached eggs, which were cooked to perfection atop of two tasty looking pieces of bacon and brown toast.

Those meals were, needless to say, polished off quick smart, and the question of whether we required any more food was met with a resounding no.

There are plenty of breakfast, lunch and afternoon tea options of all shapes and sizes to fit every dietary requirement, while a rather delightful array of cakes sits on the counter by the front door and alcohol is available.

Children are also more than welcome with a ‘paint-a-pot ceramic studio’ open seven days a week to keep them occupied.

As you can see, it’s definitely a bonus living so close to a place as welcoming and as impressive as this, but it is also an eatery worth travelling for.