A FLINTSHIRE worker who saw a ball of flames in the sky was too distressed to call the police, a new report has revealed.

 Files just released document the incident over Mold Industrial Estate, which left the 36-year-old man “too scared” to tell anyone.

 The object, sighted in the early hours, was very large and bright.

NEW government files revealing UFO sightings above Wrexham and Flintshire are only the tip of the iceberg, it is claimed.

That is the opinion of one local UFO enthusiast after the National Archives released 6,700 pages of UFO files containing public sightings from the last 40 years.

The Ministry of Defence papers contain evidence of a suspected UFO crash on the Berwyn Mountains on January 23, 1974.

They also detail an eye-witness account of a flaming ball shooting over “Mold Industrial Estate” on August, 8, 1996.

But Scott Felton, head of Conwy UFO Group, said: “I don’t believe that most of the information about the Berwyn incident, or the vast majority of sightings in Wales held by Government have been released.”

The documents hold a witness statement from someone who saw an object on the Berwyn hillside described as: “Bright red light, like coal fire red. Large perfect circle.

Like a big bonfire. Could see lights above and to the right and white lights moving to bottom. Light changed colour to yellowish white and back again.”

The files also reveal a 36-year-old man’s sighting over Mold Industrial Estate on his way home from work shortly after 2am.

They reveal that the witness was “too afraid to ring the police” but his wife reported the sighting, describing her husband as “extremely distressed at what he had seen”.  She went on to describe the incident: “The object was very large and bright. It had flames coming from the rear and there was no noise coming from it at all. It was also very low in the sky.”

It was said to be about 200ft from the ground travelling in a straight line at a 45-degree angle towards Loggerheads and Moel Famau.

On the same day, two more sightings were reported, one in Chirk, near Wrexham, and another in Anglesey.

“I have never been in any doubt about UFO activity in North Wales,” said Scott, who has studied the National Archives, along with many files for years.

“The Berwyn Mountains incident is often perceived as a crash but there’s no evidence whatsoever for a crash,” he said.

At 8.30pm on January 23, 1974, a large disc like craft was seen to fall from the skies over North Wales.

Dozens of witnesses across Lancashire and Cheshire phoned the police earlier that evening after seeing a strange formation of green lights flying erratically over the skies of the north west.

At exactly 8.38pm something impacted into the Berwyn Mountains and the resulting tremor – which measured 4.5 on the Richter Scale`was felt in Wrexham, Chester, Liverpool and even some areas of Manchester.

Reports at the time said a nurse who lived near the scene of the impact said a flying saucer “the size of the Albert hall” had smashed into the mountain. Army trucks made their way to the epicentre of the crash site, then the army threw a cordon over the area. Even the police and crash investigators were warned off.

Scott explained: “I believe an object came down, it stayed for about an hour and a half and left of its own volition.

“It was hanging around before January 23 and it was around for up to three weeks afterwards.

“The military was waiting for it that night. The only way they knew to be there was because it had been coming for a few days.”

He said 99 per cent of of activity seen in the sky could be explained but the remaining one per cent was down to UFOs.

“That one per cent just defies explanation. People see things and their reports end up on file, the MOD classifies it and it stays secret for 30 years. These files are being released gradually.”