A ban on the release of sky lanterns on council land has been approved after pressure from an animal charity.

Flintshire Council became the penultimate local authority in Wales to ban the release of sky lanterns on their land after cabinet approved the move on Tuesday.

Increasing concerns were raised by a wide range of stakeholders about the possible impact of these lanterns and helium balloons on livestock and the environment.

Particular concerns include the risks to animal welfare through ingestion of debris, litter in the countryside, the sea and on the coastline, risks to aviation and impacts on coastal rescue services.

Cllr Chris Bithell, the cabinet member for planning and public protection, said a more effective approach “would be the ban on the sale entirely” but he hoped the ban would raise awareness of the damage and dangers caused by sky lanterns.

Cllr Carolyn Thomas, cabinet member for Streetscene and environment, said: “It’s hard to enforce but it’s littering in the countryside and I agree with the principal of it.”