A Flintshire town celebrated its place on the digital map as a new interactive app was officially launched.

Holywell Town Council received funding from rural development agency, Cadwyn Clwyd, to launch the ‘iBeacon’ trail which springboarded into use on Thursday, December 9 at the Victoria Hotel, Holywell High Street.

The project includes installing 10 beacons across Holywell which can be picked up by mobile phones, and a variety of information on that specific location – from the old Lluesty Hospital Parys Mine copper works plant – can be downloaded or read online.

Much like the ‘Pokemon Go’ phenomenon, users of the iBeacon trail can explore the town and its history in an easy manner, promoting activity and a varied way of learning.

The app can be easily downloaded for free from any device or smartphone from the Google Play or iTunes store.

Town councillors were proud to launch the app last week at an event which was “well attended” and which drew in an audience of young and old to interact with the “rich culture and heritage” of the town.

Cllr Paul Johnson said: “The app is very user-friendly and can be picked up quickly – it’s superb. It is built around people who don’t find technology necessarily easy but the users at the launch slipped easily into it.

“It’s a great way of getting people to look around not just Holywell but the whole of Mostyn and Greenfield too. It is a wonderful start for more work in the future, as many users were offering their suggestions of how to improve it.

“The way it’s been designed is not fiddly. The picture is very clear on this app, and it has been designed and thought out well and truly brilliantly.”

The user-based app will continue to grow during collaborations with Holywell schools in the new year, who hope to utilise the hands-on and modern approach to learning.