WHEN presented with the chance to have a rare Sunday off there is only one thing to do – go out for a big feed.

Knowing that I wouldn’t have to head into the office meant that a Sunday lunch was top of my list of priorities.

From August to early May, the only chance to savour what most people enjoy on a weekly basis is warmed up in a microwave at gone 8pm. I know, poor me.

But, free from the shackles of the office, it was time to go and sample some Sunday lunch from one of the many recommended venues in the area.

There are plenty of options and suitable venues, so finding a good one wasn’t going to be a problem, although too much choice is definitely an issue.

Thankfully I had been planning where to eat since earlier that week and I knew the Celtic Arms, at Northop, was the preferred option.

And it was definitely the right decision.

It was a warm day, but that wasn’t going to stop me from getting stuck into a hearty portion of meat, all the trimmings and a whole load of gravy.

Having been shown our seats and after ordering a refreshing beer for myself and a glass of lemonade for today’s designated driver, the option of a mixed roast leapt from the menu.

The mixed roast had everything I could have wanted. Not only did it come with the sirloin of beef, but it afforded me the chance to try the ‘Chef’s Roast of the Day’, which on this occasion was pork.

Let me tell you, it was one of the best decisions I’d made that week. Certainly in terms of lunch, maybe throughout the entire seven days.

For one single pound more than the roast beef – the option chosen by the good lady – the mixed roast allowed me several thick slabs of beef and pork, stuffing, a Yorkshire pudding big enough to wear as a hat, roast potatoes and plenty of vegetables, all of which came covered in delicious gravy.

If you are in any doubt as to whether I enjoyed this feast then, to clarify, it was everything I had wanted from when I had set my sights on Sunday lunch the Monday previous, and my fellow diner was equally impressed.

And, should you be less excitable about Sunday lunch than myself, there was a whole host of other options available that looked equally impressive.

There’s classics like lasagne and steak and ale pie, a good choice of fish options and some great sounding vegetarian dishes.

On the website it claims that the Celtic Arms boasts ‘good food, good drinks and good price’. It’s hard not to label this as modest.