Ambience - 8/10

Service - 8/10

Food quality - 8/10

Children welcome - yes

Disabled access - yes

SOMETIMES you discover the best places completely by accident.

This was certainly the case for me when I happened upon The Diner in Caia Park, Wrexham.

Before Christmas I was in the area to cover a story about the nearby Caia Fryer chip shop (also highly recommended) when I stumbled across it.

Both are located in a newly developed complex near the Queensway athletics stadium, the actual building being the former Queensway Sports and Social Club.

The building has been transformed to house several businesses, including the aforementioned chippy, a nail bar and tanning salon, and The Diner.

Having spoken to the landlord who owns the complex and the diner, I promised to go back and give it a try.

I finally did so several weeks later, taking a break from work on a grey, cold Saturday in January.

Wrexham’s largest housing estate might seem an odd location to host an American style diner and cafe, but it really works.

The red decor of the outside of the building is warm and inviting, a feeling that continues on the inside.

Booths of comfortable red leather seating and wooden tables match the colour of the walls and wooden panels.

It looks and feels like a restaurant which would not be out of place in Chester or Wrexham town centre and is a welcome addition to the area.

The Diner offers a range of meals, from pasta and salad dishes, to American burger meals and Sunday lunches.

As it was lunchtime I went straight for a main – the Hunter’s chicken breast topped with streaky bacon and barbecue sauce.

The cheese was melted perfectly and the whole dish tasted as good as it looked and was perfectly filling, and at £7.50, came at a very reasonable price.

Service was prompt, warm and friendly and the food did not take long to arrive.

Coming with a side of thick-cut chips and peas, I opted for Pepsi to drink, but the Diner also does a wide range of coffees, tea, milkshakes and soft drinks.

For pudding, I went for the chocolate brownie ice cream sundae.

Served in a large ice cream glass, it was delicious, topped off with raspberry and chocolate sauce – definitely one for those with a sweet-tooth.

The ambience was just as good as the food and the service.

A steady flow of customers breezed in and out, whether for a full meal, or a quick cuppa and bite to eat.

From groups of teenagers, mums with young children, to players from local football club FC Queens Park, most stopped by for a chat with staff adding to the warm and friendly atmosphere.

The arrival of rugby league team Crusaders to their new home at the Queensway Stadium this month is also likely to add to the customer base.

Ideally located for residents on the estate to visit on foot, there is plenty of parking nearby and it is well worth making the effort to visit even if you are from outside of the area.

The bill

Hunter's chicken - £7.50

Pepsi bottle - £1.50

Chocolate brownie ice cream sundae - £3.95

Total - £12.95