Death, ironically, is the one absolute certainty in life. But what happens next?

If you are reading this, you will likely hold one of three opinions: nothing happens, there is an afterlife or you're uncertain but open minded.

The good news is, I guess none of us are really wrong.

I was with my mum when she died, and I think about it quite a bit.

It was devastating, I was utterly heartbroken but in that moment, for me, she was gone. Everything that made her who she was, just didn't exist any more. I was certain, I still am.

Yet I am the same person who takes comfort in a robin appearing when I might need my mum most.

When I found out I was going to be interviewing a medium, I thought about the subject of 'something' after death a lot.

What if it is real? Would I even want to know?

I was meeting medium Jolene Jackson-Lockwood, and I was nervous, I don't know why. Well I did but I didn't want to admit it.

I really hadn't known what to expect but every cliche went out the window. Jolene is as far from headscarves and big hoop earrings as you can get.

"I'm more of a modern medium," she says in her Yorkshire accent.

Originally from Huddersfield, mum-of-two Jolene now lives in Wrexham with her partner Mark.

She immediately puts me at ease. She is a breath of fresh air and despite her outward confidence, there's a nervousness about her. It's instantly relatable.

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She speaks about coming from a long line of females that were very intuitive, explaining that her mum, gran and great grandmother have all been mediums, and her 15-year-old daughter is very much like her, adding: "She's 'got it' but doesn't really practice anything, she's intrigued by it."

"My mum has gone down more of a witch route, she's a nature witch, growing plants and herbs. I'm not greenfingered but since moving here [Wrexham] I just seem to keep growing things."

When did she first discover something was in her too?

She said: "I realised at about four or five. I was sat next to a boy in infant school, who I still know to this day, and I looked at my headteacher, Miss Wilson.

"I'll never forget it, she was this lovely, dainty little thing and as she walked in I just saw this plume of gold behind her, which was followed by lots of colours.

"I asked the boy next to me if he could see it, and he couldn't. That's when I knew something wasn't quite right, different.

"When I told my mum she explained that it was everybody trying to let me know they were all around me.

"I then started to read lots of paranormal books. I had such a fascination for ghosts from about aged six or seven. I was hooked."


Medium Jolene Jackson-Lockwood.

Medium Jolene Jackson-Lockwood.


At about 10 Jolene witnessed her mum get struck by a car. The accident was traumatic but a visit at the scene from her gran, a nurse who had died when she was a baby, helped her save her mum's life.

As a result of the trauma, Jolene's gift left for about three years but she's embraced it and learnt to control it more, learning to switch off some of the more emotional aspects.

As she talks about readings and passing on messages, I ask how spirits present themselves to her. I had assumed something ethereal.

Jolene says: "To me they're lifesize. I see them as clear as day, their attire. I can feel what they passed with, their ailments."

Has there ever been an experience that scared her? "Yes! I went on a paranormal investigation to Drakelow Tunnels. Excavating the tunnels, two people had died.

"In our group I saw a man in a boiler suit. I watched this man go into a tunnel with nowhere else to go and he was gone.

"Then my body felt like it was hit by a train. My body was swelling and I could smell body odour. I could feel facial hair on my face.

"I physically couldn't speak. My gran appeared and said we needed to go. I dropped to the floor as if she'd pushed him out. I was absolutely drained."

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And what about the sceptics? "I thrive on that. I always know who they are, they're like an energy zapper. But if there's a message for them, the spirits won't leave until it's given. They're quite persistent. They don't lie or come through for no reason."

I hadn't wanted to ask (just what was I afraid of?) but the journalist in me insisted. Was there anyone with her for me?

And apparently yes. "There's a lady here saying it's ok for your son to be intrigued by something, it will turn into a hobby for him as he gets older."

Jolene goes on to describe the woman in some detail. She was ticking all the boxes for my mum. I hadn't even mentioned she had died.

It gave me chills. But if someone was there, it wasn't mum. I don't know if I was disappointed or relieved.

She did mention a cat in the office. On arrival Jolene had assumed it was mine that was with me.

I want it to be real. It makes me happy to think a cat spirit chooses to be around us. And who else will keep the ghost spiders under control?

Regardless of how you feel on the subject, Jolene is compelling, spellbinding you might say, and you can check her out for yourself. She is hosting an evening of mediumship at The Tivoli, in Buckley on Saturday, July 16. Tickets are £20.

She will also be taking part in a ghost hunt at the venue, believed to be one of the most haunted locations in the region, on Saturday, June 25, which will include lone and group vigils. Tickets are £30, and include a hot drink and snack.

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