A MAN is trying to locate descendants of a family he has found documents relating to.
Malcolm Baines, from Higher Kinnerton, has seen his search reach Bradford, in the north of England but it now returns to the Wrexham area.
He explains: "After I retired from my engineering career I worked as a part-time administrator for a small Wrexham company based in an industrial unit on an old colliery site.
"When the company relocated to a larger unit on the site, an employee found a bag while clearing out some boxes.
"I volunteered to investigate the contents. I had no success, however, making any connection between the previous tenants and the contents of the bag - a package of documents and photographs relating to a family that originated from Latvia.
"Now I'm trying to find a descendent of this family to whom I can hand over this package.
"The 'original' Latvian appears to be a man called Alfreds Isaks, there is a note in the package showing he was a Second World War refugee who in 1947 was employed in a sergeants' and warrant officers' mess at a British Army base in Austria, from where he apparently travelled to the UK.
"I have found out from death records that an Alfreds Isaks died in Bradford in the fourth quarter of 1968 and in the package there is indeed a photograph of a burial headstone for a person called Alfreds Isaks, born in Riga on December 12, 1901 who died on September 24, 1968.
"The headstone clearly shows Bradford as his place of death. I haven't found anything in the package indicating his occupation.
"The documents in the package indicate Alfreds appears to have had a wife called Tekla and marriage records show an Alfrids Isaks married a Tekla Cipans in Bradford in June 1952."
Malcolm speculated that this may have been Tekla's second marriage and he was right.
He adds: "I now know Tekla Cipans was also a Latvian refugee who came to the UK via Austria. Her first husband, Antons Cipans, died in 1933.
"Tekla and Antons, however, had a daughter called Valentina and she came with her mother to the UK.
"Now for the Wrexham connection. My Latvian source has informed me Valentina married a man called Walter Harold Lewis, whose records show was both born on April 10, 1924 and died in 1970, in Wrexham.
"Records also show Valentina Lewis, born on October 3, 1917, died in Glyndwr in 1977.
"As I understand it, Glyndwr is a former local administration region to the west of Wrexham.
"This seems to confirm the couple's connection to and probable residency in the Wrexham area.
"If true then it follows that Tekla probably eventually retired to Wrexham to be near to her daughter, especially as by then she would be a widow with Alfreds having passed away in Bradford in 1968.
"According to my source, Walter and Valentina had a daughter called Evelina (or Ewelina) Angelica Lewis (or Levis). British records give her name as Evelyn.
"In 1969 she married Reginald M.J. Hughes (born in Caernarvon in 1944) and they had a son Darrell Alfan (born in Wrexham in 1969). 
"In 1979 Evelyn married James G. Waddell and they had a daughter Victoria (Vikki) Helen born in 1980.
"I am absolutely certain Tekla lived in Wrexham, as there are documents from a doctors' office that show her with an address in Percy Road, Wrexham and at a retirement home in Hightown, Wrexham.
"According to the Austrian refugee list Tekla was born in 1896. She died in Wrexham in 1991.
"Ultimately I assume I am looking for Evelyn Angelica Waddell, Darrell Alfan Hughes or Victoria Helen Waddell."
• Anyone with information that can help Malcolm in his quest, can email him at bainesmalcolm@yahoo.co.uk