Say hello to some of the region's cutest arrivals.

Have you welcomed a little one recently, an adorable new family addition?

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Most of you will have greeted your new baby under covid restrictions, a very different and daunting experience.

Many will be making the most of grandparent cuddles and fuss from friends.

Let's spread the love that comes with a new baby.

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Meet some adorable new residents from across the region...

ELISE RAYA HUGHES, born on September 21, 2021, at Wrexham Maelor Hospital


Elise Raya Hughes.

Elise Raya Hughes.


Weight: 7lbs 2oz

Parents: Debbie and Craig Hughes

Siblings: Indie and Aiyla

TEDDY JAMES ELLIS, born on November 8, 2021, at Wrexham


Teddy James Ellis at two-days-old.

Teddy James Ellis at two-days-old.


Weight: 9lb 4oz

Parents: Louise Esp and Luke Ellis

Siblings: Rhys and Riley

• KINGSLEY JAMES SHAW, born on October 17, 2021, at Wrexham


Kingsley James Shaw.

Kingsley James Shaw.


Weight: 8lb 6oz

Parents: Reece Jordan Shaw and Caitlin Davies

"We welcomed our first baby boy by forceps delivery after his heart rate kept dropping. It was a very scary moment after being rushed to get him out. It was such a relief and best moment of our lives when we got to hold him for the first time and everything was ok."

• LACEY JAYNE ISABELLA JONES born on August 25, 2021, at Wrexham Maelor Hospital


Lacey Jayne Isabella Jones, and pictured with mum and dad.

Lacey Jayne Isabella Jones, and pictured with mum and dad.


Weight: 6lb 1oz

Parents: Melissa Jayne Hill and Kyle Scott Jones

"Born at 12.46am after a long labour, with lots of hair, and we were all crying happy tears. I, her mum, cut her cord, it was the most happiest day of our lives."