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Most of you will have greeted your new baby under covid restrictions, a very different and daunting experience.

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Meet some adorable new residents from across the region...

• HATTIE BLOOM TUDOR, born on September 15, 2021 at Wrexham Maelor Hospital


Hattie Bloom Tudor at one-week-old.

Hattie Bloom Tudor at one-week-old.


Weight: 8lb 8oz

Parents: Hannah and Stephen Tudor

After going into labour at 10.30pm on the Sunday, Hattie was finally born on the Wednesday at 7am. Special thanks to our midwife Amanda Kelly, who was fantastic and ended up staying late past her shift to see Hattie born.

AMELIA MAY WILLIAMS, born on October 17, 2021 at Wrexham Maelor Hospital


Amelia May Williams.

Amelia May Williams.


Weight: 5lb 14oz

Parents: Chelcie Evans and Chris Williams

GRACIE LEIGH WOOD, born on December 7, 2020 at Wrexham Maelor Hospital


Gracie Leigh Wood, and with big sister Ava-Lilly.

Gracie Leigh Wood, and with big sister Ava-Lilly.


Weight: 7lbs

Parents: Courtney Williams and Callum Wood

Siblings: Ava-Lilly Wood

Our little lady was supposed to be due on December 18 but had been trying to make an appearance since the 30th week of pregnancy. Then having to be induced due to Gracie not moving, even after being monitored four times a day, being in labour 52 minutes and only having gas and air the last five minutes when I was put onto labour ward, our beautiful princess made her appearance with her cord wrapped around her arms and legs. After being checked over, I had a beautiful healthy baby girl.

ELSIE-ROSE JONES, born on January 5, 2021 at Wrexham


Elsie-Rose Jones.

Elsie-Rose Jones.


Weight: 8lb 4.5oz

Parents: Hannah Gavan and Steven Jones

Elsie-Rose was very stubborn on wanting to make an appearance. I was induced on the Friday and didn't have her until 9.40pm on Tuesday night. She is now a very chatty and cheeky little girl that will do anything to make you laugh and she definitely keeps us on our toes. She was a perfect start to end an awful year.

HOLLY ELIZABETH PARRY, born on September 23, 2021 at Wrexham Maelor Hospital


Holly Elizabeth Parry.

Holly Elizabeth Parry.


Weight: 7lb 12oz

Parents: Bill Parry and Leanne Thomas

Siblings: Jacob, nine and Amber, one

Wrexham Hospital were brilliant and our baby girl was born at 12.36 pm and she is healthy and beautiful.

• JACOB JOSEPH THOMAS, born on September 21, 2021 at Telford


Jacob Joseph Thomas.

Jacob Joseph Thomas.


Weight: 7lb 6oz

Parent: Britney Naomi Thomas

After an induced labour, and mum in labour for nearly three days, mum and Jacob are doing fine.