"When robins appear, loved ones are near."

It's a beautiful sentiment many of us think when we see one of the seasonal favourites.

When my own mum passed away, I shared this traditional saying with my son, and now every time we see a robin, we smile.

We even had a robin decoration made in her memory for our Christmas tree.

They are such a recognisable bird - both male and female have the red breast, although the young are all brown - that they were an obvious choice for a Leader Camera Club topic challenge.

The feathered creatures have been caught in all their puffed out chest glory and in full song, as they sit perched on just about anything.

The Leader Camera Club is a very friendly and supportive group of professional and amateur photographers to share their images.

We feature daily collection in the Wrexham and Flintshire Leaders, with regular online galleries.

Often members are set a theme challenge, which most included castles, trees and bridges and many more.

There have also been some great natural world collections - sunrise and sunset, frozen landscapes and the snow moon.

To see more of our members' photos or to join, visit the Leader Camera Club Facebook page.