FOLLOWING on from a successful tour in 2017, Tom Kempinski's award-winning play Duet For One comes to Theatr Clwyd in September with much-loved actress Belinda Lang reprising her acclaimed performance as Stephanie Abrahams and joined by Jonathan Coy as Dr Feldmann.

Based on the life of world renowned musician Jacqueline Du Pré, the play has been described a powerful, deeply moving with Belinda playing Stephanie Abrahams, a brilliant concert violinist who seemingly has it all who is forced to re-evaluate her life when struck down by an unforeseen tragedy.

The film adaptation saw Julie Andrews nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Actress, but for Belinda, it's a play which stands on its own merits.

"I haven't even seen the film," she laughs. "For me the play isn't about Jaqueline Du Pre. It's inspired by the story but unlike the film it is not a tragedy. It's not a laugh a minute because Stephanie has her problems but she is quite a personality and it's certainly not a misery play but instead one about overcoming difficulties in a feisty way.

"It's a fabulous role to play which is why I'm doing it again. It took me by surprise because I didn't think it would be so enjoyable or expect the audiences to get it in the way they did.

"People just love it and it seems to ring real bells for people who actually find it pretty uplifting."

The likes of Frances de la Tour and Juliet Stevenson have both played the role of Stephanie in the past leaving Belinda uncertain if it was a part she wanted to play.

"I remember seeing Frances do it and it really affected me," she says. "I remember thinking it was a difficult part to play but actually it's not because the play kind of grabs you and pulls you along.

"Despite the fact I sit in a wheelchair for two hours it's quite active in a peculiar way and it's funny too."

Perhaps best known for her role as Ben in the hugely popular 1990s TV sitcom 2 Point 4 Children, Belinda has no problem discussing the role which saw her become a household name after the show picked up large audiences of up to 14 million.

"I don't believe in doing anything which doesn't have some laughs in it," she says. "I always mine the comedy in something even if it's black comedy.

"2 Point 4 Children was pretty surreal for its time and was quite forward thinking in sitcoms. It's very rare you get a programme which three or four generations can watch together and get something out of.

"There's hardly anything you can watch as a family anymore and everyone veers off into their own room but sharing fun is one of the great joys of life."

Belinda last came to Theatr Clwyd a few years ago when she starred alongside Paul Mcgann in Gabriel and she is looking forward to coming back.

"I loved it there and had a brilliant time," she adds. "It's the most marvellous part of the world but it's a bit of a walk up that hill if you haven't got a car!"

Duet For One is in the Anthony Hopkins Theatre, at Theatr Clwyd, from September 3-8. Contact the box office on 01352 701521.