Crunch meeting over Wrexham FC takeover

Published date: 04 March 2011 |
Published by: Hayley Collins
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A CRUNCH meeting between two sides vying to take over Wrexham FC took place last night.

Businesswoman Stephanie Booth met with representatives of the Wrexham Supporters Trust (WST) to discuss the possibility of the two bidders working together.

Both Mrs Booth and WST have met with the club’s current owners Geoff Moss and Ian Roberts about submitting separate bids to take over the club.

During a meeting of WST and the owners on Wednesday, which was facilitated by Wrexham Council, leader Aled Roberts called for the two sides to talk.

Nigel Davies, Stephanie Booth’s official spokesman, said: “We had a phone call from Phil Wynn saying it was suggested by Aled Roberts that Stephanie and the Trust should meet to see about working together.

“Stephanie has always said she will talk to them. This is an exploratory talk to see if there’s a way forward for a joint bid.”

Asked whether the council would like to see the two sides launch a joint bid, Cllr Roberts said: “That is a matter for them. I hope we get to the stage where people are able to work together to secure the future of The Racecourse ground, which is what the council is concerned about.

“If that means the situation regarding the football club is resolved then we would welcome that. We are anxious to find a solution and hope that these people can talk and work together.”

Plans for Mrs Booth and WST to join forces are backed by Wrexham FC fans.

Supporters posting on the Red Passion website say the union would be “great news” for the club.

Burgerboy posted: “It is great news. I think the vast majority would all agree that. WST’s passion for the club and Stephanie Booth's business skills would be a marriage made in heaven.”

Mr Davies confirmed Stephanie will be making an announcement on the future of the club ahead of tomorrow’s home game.

He said: “We have got to consider not only the business, but also the supporters.
The longer it goes on the worse it’s going to get for them. There will be an announcement because it’s only fair to the supporters.

“Stephanie has been asked to do the announcement, but we have no idea yet what that announcement will be - 24 hours is a long time in football.”

Posting on her own Facebook page Stephanie said yesterday: “A meeting has been agreed between WCBC, the WST and myself to explore a joint venture.

“Although I refused to meet the WST in secret I am happy to meet them in an open and transparent meeting.

“The current owners met with the WST and they will neither make or advise their decision until Saturday so it is still not too late for co-operation, but it has to be fully democratic.”

Owner Ian Roberts declined to comment.

-A BANNER supporting Stephanie Booth has gone up at The Racecourse ground.
The banner placed on the entrance to the stadium reads: Back the Bid, Back the Booth, Back WFC.

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  1. Posted by: wrexhamafc at 13:23 on 04 March 2011 Report

    Why is Booth making any announcement before the match? Its not her club, and it will be detrimental to the mood of the team prior to a very important football match. Then again, she wouldn't know anything about that. The Steph Show resumes. And does the Leader get ALL its information from Red Passion? It certainly seems like!

  2. Posted by: eveningreader at 14:20 on 04 March 2011 Report

    When is owner Ian Roberts available to comment? Our SAVIOURS Dickens & Moss took over the club and we no longer own the ground, Colliers Park etc

  3. Posted by: lindopski at 09:56 on 05 March 2011 Report

    Greed and self benefit seems to have been the only aim of any of the directors/owners for the last 15 years. Will things Improve even if the WST take over ?

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