What was this streak of fire in the sky above Wrexham?

Published date: 14 October 2010 |
Published by: Hayley Collins
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IT was described as looking like a plane on fire – or perhaps a tadpole.

Whatever it was, this distant object fired the imaginations of a father and daughter from Wrexham.

Jason Chandler and his daughter Jade were sitting on the rooftop terrace at their home when they spotted a bright orange fireball.

The pair, of St Giles Court, near Belle Vue Park, could not believe their eyes.
Jason, 40, said: “We saw what looked like a white cloud in the distance and as it went over Wrexham you could see that it was on fire.

“At first I thought it was a plane on fire. You could see the orange bit at the front.

“It looked like a tadpole, but as soon as it passed over you couldn’t see the ball of fire anymore.”

Ten-year-old Jade used her phone to take pictures of the amazing sight at about 6.30pm on Monday.

Jason says a vapour trial was clearly visible behind the fireball and the whole thing lasted for about five minutes before it disappeared from view.

“I know people think I’m mad, but I know what I saw and it was fantastic,” he said.

“I’d love to know if anyone else saw it too.”

Jason took up stargazing after moving into the St Giles Court property.

He said: “Since I’ve lived here I have started taking notice of things in the sky.

“It’s the first time I have ever seen anything like that in my life, but I knew straight away what it was. I saw two shooting stars after as well.”

After doing some research on the internet Jason believes he witnessed the asteroid 2010 TD 54 that passed close to the earth on Tuesday.

Estimated to be around seven metres in diameter, it was discovered on October 9 by the Catalina Sky Survey in Arizona during routine monitoring.

But experts at Jodrell Bank Observatory in Cheshire say it could not be the TD 54.

Dr Tim O’Brien, an astro-physicist at the University of Manchester, said: “It can’t possibly be the same asteroid.

“In space terms it did come relatively close to the earth, but it was still 28,000 miles away and the atmosphere doesn’t extend that far.

“You would need a telescope to see it because it’s not visible with the naked eye.”

Dr O’Brien suspects the pair witnessed a meteor.

“It’s possible they did see a meteor burning up in the atmosphere.

“They are called fireballs and they do happen relatively often – you will see a bright one every few months.”

Dr O’Brien added: “I have not had any other reports of one in the area, but it’s perfectly plausible.”

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  1. Posted by: bur9443 at 12:00 on 14 October 2010 Report

    I would not think that TD54 would be bright enough but it could be a remaining Draconid, from the meteor shower last week, they seem to be very slow moving and bright, the ones I have seen this year have been great, but next year will be better....

  2. Posted by: nomad at 10:17 on 15 October 2010 Report

    i did see an object yesterday..... it looked evel... and wicked.... wene i got closer i noticed it looked corupt and imoral... wene i got even closer it looked like a weasel.....i wonder what it did have a look of a flintshire counciller but it did not have horns on its head

  3. Posted by: Nellie at 23:49 on 21 September 2012 Report

    Tonight with friends at 22.55 I saw what looked like a string of shooting stars. Did anyone else see them?

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