Anger at illegal rave at disused Hope quarry

Published date: 31 August 2010 |
Published by: Matt Jones
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QUARRY bosses have blasted reckless teenagers who held an illegal rave at a disused site.

Scores of youths gathered at the former sand and gravel quarry on Fagl Lane, Hope, playing loud music and drinking until the early hours.

Owners Hanson have criticised the teenagers.

A company spokesman said: “They have to understand that in the wrong hands quarries are dangerous places with sandpits and water lakes. We would urge people to stay away.

“Our problem is the fact that they moved boulders. If people are determined to break into a site there is very little businesses can do.

“It is a particular problem during the summer months with teenagers getting into quarries, both inactive and working.”

Police were called to the late-night rave and had to scramble the force helicopter.

Cllr Lynn Davies, chairman of Hope Community Council, said she had received complaints from residents about the illegal rave.

She said: “They have moved the boulders at the entrance to the quarry and a lot of people got in there and held a rave. There had been quite a disturbance and there was loud music.

“It is dangerous to go in there. As well as drinking and causing noise they could have hurt themselves. We do not want this to happen again.”

Hope community councillor Cliff Shone said he believed youths from as far as Manchester had been at the site.

“They were there until 2am and there was a lot of music. It is unacceptable to local residents,” he said.

The site was shut down in 2004 after a drop in demand for construction materials in the area.

Dennis Hutchinson, Flintshire Council’s executive member for public protection, has urged people to stay away.

He said: “I would urge people not to go drinking in disused quarries. These people, whether it is organised or not, are trespassing on private land and they really should not be there. They could be causing a danger to themselves.”

A spokesman for North Wales Police said: “Police can confirm they attended an incident at Hanson Quarries, Fagl Lane, Hope, on Saturday, August 14. The North Wales Police helicopter was also called but not needed.”

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  1. Posted by: Roland Cleth at 14:53 on 31 August 2010 Report

    ...“Police can confirm they attended an incident at...on Saturday, August 14..." - The Leader with its finger on the pulse again!!

  2. Posted by: nomad at 16:18 on 31 August 2010 Report

    never mind mat louis is back from efrica on the 33th of octember she will help with the reporting now espeacialy on the g ipcy situation you no how she allways gets that right about gypsies

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