Robbie’s ready to rule Wrexham FC

Published date: 26 August 2010 |
Published by: Claire Gallagher
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FOOTBALLER Robbie Savage has revealed he would like to manage Wrexham FC.

Speaking exclusively to the Leader, the controversial character said he did not want Dean Saunders’ job – but if the opportunity arose, he would take charge of his home team.

And he said: “The only way I would go back to Wrexham would be to manage them.

“I don’t think I would play. I would like to end my career in as high a club as I can.”

Derby County midfielder Robbie, 36, was born in Wrexham and lived in Bradley until he was 22.

He spent his early years going to watch Wrexham FC regularly and is still an avid supporter.

He went to school at Ysgol Bryn Alyn in Gwersyllt and started playing football when there were pitches at the Plas Coch site where Sainsbury’s now is.

It was there that he was headhunted as an apprentice for Manchester United and his career took off.

Robbie now lives in Prestbury, Cheshire, with his wife Sarah and their two children Charlie, 7, and Freddy, 4.

But he said he was very much looking forward to returning to his home town today when he will sign copies of his autobiography at Waterstone’s.

He said: “I have been to Manchester and Birmingham for book signings so far and had a good reaction there so I am hoping for a good turnout in Wrexham.

“I want to inspire the young kids to play football like I did.

“I was spotted by a Manchester United scout and it was quite intimidating to play for such a big team.”

Speaking about the town in general, Robbie said: “I think it gets unfair criticism. I’m proud of the fact I’m from Wrexham.

“OK, I had quite a hard upbringing growing up, I used to go to wine bars and get threats, but now when I go back it’s totally changed and I get drinks bought for me.”

Robbie’s autobiography, entitled Savage, depicts the ups and downs of a colourful career that have earned him a reputation as the kind of player his club’s supporters adore and opposition fans dislike intensely.

He holds the record for receiving the most yellow cards in the Premiership and was famously fined for using the referee’s toilet before a match.

“I’m like Marmite,” he admitted. “You either love me or hate me.”

Robbie said he brought the publication of the book forward because his dad Colin has Alzheimer's disease.

“I just wanted to bring it out when he still remembers who I am.

“Putting the book together has been enjoyable and there have been a lot of tears and laughter.

“I realised that my biggest hero growing up was my father who never missed a game.”

Robbie has recently been enjoying launching his career in sports media, including appearing on Match Of The Day 2 and BBC Radio 5 Live’s football phone-in 606.

And how does he keep his luscious blond locks in such good shape?

“I take pride in the way I look but I just get up, brush my teeth and go to work.”

- Robbie will be at Waterstone’s in Wrexham between noon and 1pm today.

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  1. Posted by: Roland Cleth at 09:39 on 26 August 2010 Report

    "I want to inspire the young kids to play football like I did." - That'll be inspiring them to wind-up opponents and kicking people, then?

  2. Posted by: eveningreader at 10:52 on 26 August 2010 Report

    This is the third time now Rob Savage has told the leader he would like to either finish his playing career at Wrexham or manage the club. Was it only 2 weeks ago the Leader reported he wanted to present Match of The Day? Oh.........he'll be signing his book today at Waterstones.

  3. Posted by: a cahill at 11:03 on 26 August 2010 Report

    Good on him... putting Wrexham on the map !!... maybe he could get together with Tim and really do the Town a great service by re-enacting one of the historic battles associated with Wrexham on a Sat afternoon at the Racecourse

  4. Posted by: nomad at 20:38 on 26 August 2010 Report

    thanks robbie for signing the books today the children were over the moon your a class act on and off the pitch.. and glad u and your freinds have been happy with the work we have caried out in the past and present hope to see use soon good one

  5. Posted by: eveningreader at 23:34 on 26 August 2010 Report

    nomad. Have you done Robbie Savages drive for him?

  6. Posted by: eveningreader at 23:35 on 26 August 2010 Report

    He'll certainly need to see you again soon if you've done his drive for him. 2mm thick tarmac...

  7. Posted by: Roland Cleth at 08:09 on 27 August 2010 Report

    It's not just limp-wristed people, a lot of us just recognise him as a one-trick pony and self-publicist. Hence the uproar amongst Everton fans when there was the possibility he might join the Blues.

  8. Posted by: nomad at 09:36 on 27 August 2010 Report

    ha ha ha no i never done is drive do u know i found that very funny .. i wish i had done is drive , i did not know u had to put tarmac as thick as that.

  9. Posted by: a cahill at 11:16 on 27 August 2010 Report

    nomad.... you could make a killing filling in potholes... all you need id a can of spray glue and the minimun of tarmac and bobs your uncle.... done to the same standard as the Council..... no complaints

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