Flintshire author’s spotlight on ‘Welsh Roswell’

Published date: 24 August 2010 |
Published by: Rob Bellis
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RECENTLY released MOD files might attribute it to a meteor shower and an earthquake, but the debate about the so-called “Welsh Roswell” rages on.

A new book by Flintshire UFO-logist Andy Roberts explores the famous incident of January 23, 1974 in which some claim a UFO came down in the Berwyn Mountains.

Mr Roberts looks in detail at the event, including claims of secrets and cover-ups, before going on to “examine the facts to see what truth, if any, lies at the heart of the legend”.

The author has been interested in the unexplained since he was a child and has written extensively on strange phenomena.

Originally from Yorkshire, but now living in North Wales, Mr Roberts has spent more than a decade researching the incident near Llandrillo.

He said: “I’ve been looking at it since 1998. I did every bit of research for the book from a journalistic or historian point of view.

“There must be something that happened that night. It’s important not to go for the speculation and conspiracy theories but to look at the paper trail of what was
written at the time – only looking at the facts, if you like.”

During his research Mr Roberts spoke to people who remembered that night, including the “key witness” – a nurse who drove to the scene believing it to have
been an air crash.

He said: “She described a huge ball of light glowing red then yellow then white and back to red.”

What Mr Roberts concluded from the sum of his research seems to agree with the MOD files that were released earlier this month. .

Mr Roberts explained: “I found that people had made it into a UFO story but that it was a combination of a very significant earthquake, the likes of which Britain hadn’t
seen in a long time, and a particularly bright meteor shower.”

But he added: “In among all the rumour and mythology you have whatever it was the nurse saw on the mountainside that night. That remains unexplained.”

l  UFO Down? The Berwyn Mountain UFO Crash, published by Fortean Words, is available from booksellers including

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  1. Posted by: a cahill at 13:10 on 24 August 2010 Report

    Put 3 people in a room and show them the same film clip and ask them to describe the recorded event and you will get three different versions.... something obviously happened that night but desp[ite the official explanation people will always believe what they want to

  2. Posted by: meugher at 15:37 on 24 August 2010 Report

    Mr/Ms Cahill is right- everyone has their own views on the subject of UFOs and yes, my investigations concluded that something very unusual took place that night. Hence why i wrote the book. Was it an alien craft ? Possibly, but we would need much more evidence to prove that. As it is, some very odd things happened and Nurse Pat Evans saw an incredible sight on the mountai side. Read the book and you will find out m,uch more. Thanks Andy

  3. Posted by: a cahill at 20:49 on 24 August 2010 Report

    meugher...despite the advances in technology , medicine and science there still some incidents that are beyond the understanding of mankind...whether you believe in the big bang or creation theory there are still parts of the universe that remain a mystery to us.... look forward to reading the book and hope that we can return to this subject in the future

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