Wrexham Council meets contractors bidding to study tar pit

Published date: 09 June 2010 |
Published by: Claire Gallagher
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OFFICERS have met contractors who are bidding to carry out a study of a toxic tar pit in Rhos.

A number of companies, including some from abroad, want to undertake a ‘tar characterisation project’ at Llwyneinion to find out more about the substances contained deep within it.

Previous studies had only taken samples from the edges and shallow sections of the lagoon.

Once the study, which should take two or three days only, is complete it can be determined what he future holds for the pit.

Residents say they are torn about what they want to see happen to the lagoon which contains an estimated 100,000 tonnes of liquid acid tar.

One option would be using the tar for fuel to power companies.

Resident Amanda Richards, who is on the liaison committee for the tar pit, said: “Half of residents want it left alone and half want it to be dealt with.

“It would be lovely if it were to become a country park but I’m also worried because when you start digging in chemicals you never know what is going to happen.

“It is tested regularly and we understand it is stable at the moment. There is a layer of water on the top and there is greenery and newts and badgers.

“My other concern is that, even if the lagoon were cleared away and it became a park, we have a lot of drug users and alcoholics in the area.

“We have cars dumped and flytipping in the lane near the lagoon and this could happen in a park.”

A Wrexham Council spokesman said the local authority was in early stage discussions about which company will analyse the lagoon content.

“The meeting was to go through the expressions of interest to do a characterisation study,” the spokesman said.

“The companies were shortlisted and one will be chosen.

“This will not be a clean-up and there is still nothing on the horizon for a clean-up yet.”

It is expected a contractor will be chosen by the middle to end of July.

Council officers have visited similar sites in eastern Germany and Derbyshire to find out how ‘remediation’ work has been carried out on tar pits in those locations.

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  1. Posted by: truth hurts at 10:32 on 09 June 2010 Report

    "Council officers have visited similar sites in eastern Germany and Derbyshire" Of course they have, it's a freebie on the taxpayer. Didn't a councillor or two make the trip? If you're calling in contractors to work on the pit, what was the point in visiting other sites?

  2. Posted by: llocally at 16:07 on 09 June 2010 Report

    Two councillors have made additional trips, however, this has been at their own expense and not council funded. Having seen the options from different reclaimed sites, presented by the relevant councillors, I would say the visits have been worthwhile.

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