He may be 85 but Flintshire man is loving it at McDonald’s

Published date: 03 June 2010 |
Published by: Lois Hough
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FAST food worker Bill Dudley has given the phrase Old McDonald a whole new meaning.

Bill, 85, from Connah’s Quay, is celebrating four years working at McDonald’s in Mold and says he wouldn’t be without his part-time job.

The former taxi driver, who works a six-hour shift on a Wednesday and Thursday, can often be seen in the dining area greeting customers and wiping the tables.

He told the Leader: “Sitting at home can get boring and my wife won’t let me touch the garden.

“I just like the job. I like talking to people and meeting people. That’s why I loved the taxi work – I like solving their problems.”

Bill worked as a taxi driver for ABA Car in Shotton for more than 15 years.

Before that he spent a decade at Airbus in Broughton and 35 years at British Steel.

Recently he was awarded a medal for bravery for his service in the Royal Navy during the Second World War.

He lives with wife Margaret, 66, and the pair have twin boys Kevin and Ian, 46.

Bill said: “I only work two days a week, so after having four or five days off I really look forward to coming in.”

And Bill also enjoys a quick snack on his break.

He said: “I’m really liking that new Texas burger at the moment.

“I went to Texas in 1947 and loved it. One of them burgers will do me, they are huge.”

Branch manager Terry Johnson said his oldest employee plays a vital role in the restaurant.

“Bill is the face of the business,” he said. “He looks after all of the punters and is very popular. “They enjoy coming in for a chat with him.

“I think they like an older face. He is an excellent worker because he just comes in and gets on with it.”

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  1. Posted by: a cahill at 15:33 on 03 June 2010 Report

    Brilliant article.....all that experience to share... probably gets a lot more respect than the younger staff.... gets him out from under the wifes feet and gives her a break....keep going for as long as you want to Bill

  2. Posted by: tommy at 20:51 on 03 June 2010 Report

    At 85 he should know better than to work in an animal processing plant.

  3. Posted by: yachydda at 21:30 on 03 June 2010 Report

    tommy: I think he should be supported all the way... he proves that your never too old to work...I'm not a McDonalds fan but hey good on you Bill..

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