Wrexham mum targetted by 'sick' Facebook group users

Published date: 27 January 2010 |
Published by: Phil Robinson
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Wrexham mum targetted by 'sick' Facebook group users 

A MOTHER in Wrexham says she has been subjected to online abuse after campaigning against a group which is putting jokes about dead babies on a social networking site.

The Leader has been highlighting the growing anger over the Facebook group, which has more than 2,000 members.

Vicki Archer from Brymbo, who lost a baby through a miscarriage five years ago, was so sickened she set up her own protest Facebook group which attracted 600 members within just a few hours.

But now her group has itself been inundated with dead baby jokes and pictures.
She told the Leader: “I was removed as administrator and now the group has been over-run by dead baby jokes.

“It’s made me ill and I really wish something could be done.

“I’m even getting horrible inbox messages on Facebook off these sick people.

“I’m at the end of my tether and really don’t know where to turn for help.”

The online version of the Leader’s story about Vicki has attracted a large number of comments from readers.

One, named Lisa, said: “I have buried a son and a daughter in the last two years – is that funny?

“To have them die in my arms, to have to dress their still, cold bodies, to let them spend the night before the funeral in their nursery – a coffin in a cot? Some people disgust me.”

But while many are against the group, a significant number say its removal would amount to a breach of free speech. And our question “Should Facebook remove the dead baby jokes group?” has so far seen a majority saying “no”.

Last week, North Wales AM Eleanor Burnham branded the group as “sick and disgusting” and pledged to raise the matter directly with Ofcom, the communications industry watchdog.

She has now done this but said: “I spoke to Rhodri Williams of Ofcom.

“It’s his firm opinion that this is a matter for Facebook and that they should be contacted and told about the group.”

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  1. Posted by: ali1970 at 13:17 on 27 January 2010 Report

    Im a mother of a dead baby aswell who passed away when she was 4 days old with heart problems, If she was here now she would be 21, now but only 6 years ago i ended up having another funeral for her to bury all her organs, as she was a victim of the alder hey scam where they took all the dead babys organs without parents permission. So this issue on facebook about the dead babys is sick and needs to be taken down.

  2. Posted by: yachydda at 16:19 on 27 January 2010 Report

    The solution is easy...Do as I have done and remove your membership from Facebook...Facebook know about the abuse and by refusing to remove it shows there approval of it.

  3. Posted by: ambyth55 at 17:06 on 27 January 2010 Report

    i find alot of groups on facebook offensive because there is always something close to our hearts so i simply dont look at them. some comedians say tasteless jokes simply dont listen to them. there are far mor worse things in the world to critisize. FREEDOM OF SPEECH i am not offended by this group because i havnt seen it and i advise anyone else who doesnt want to be offended to do the same.

  4. Posted by: Roland Cleth at 09:12 on 28 January 2010 Report

    Well said, ambyth55. Common sense. Whilst I have the utmost sympathy for those mothers posting here whose children have died, it's almost as if they're using this issue to prolong their grief. No-one expects you to forget, but let go and move on.

  5. Posted by: 2shoes1977 at 10:38 on 28 January 2010 Report

    Wow harsh words Roland! I cant see for on minute how someones anger over offensive comments can be seen as prolonging their own grief, are you for real? Im all for freedom of speach but if someone is directly targeted as this lady is for no other reason than shes lost a child, then it creates a whole new issue! Read the article her group has been innundated with 'dead baby jokes' FREEDOM OF SPEACH?? That in my book is targeted bullying!

  6. Posted by: karen at 10:57 on 28 January 2010 Report

    2shoes, she wasn't directly targetted because she lost a baby, she was targetted beause she opposed them. Despite being advised to ignore trolls she created a group. What did she expect would happen, that they would not retaliate? The leader stories just served to boost their numbers and feed their cravings for attention.

  7. Posted by: karen at 11:00 on 28 January 2010 Report

    I also agree with Roland. I think what he means is that there are some people who have not got over their grief and are using this campaign as an outlet for it. This just opens old wounds. Much better to campaign for a baby charity in your baby's name than resort to cyber war in it's name. I doubt a grief counsellor would recommend their clients to engage in arguments like this.

  8. Posted by: wxmlass at 11:58 on 28 January 2010 Report

    Whilst her intentions may be good, I think she is being a little naive. The worst thing she could have done was have a photo of her and her little kiddies splashed all over the internet. That's just an invitation to all the nutcases out there to come and attack her. Yes, the group is sick, but it's like everything else, if you don't like it, switch off. I have an angel baby myself, so I do understand. Let go, the only people hurting now, are yourself and your family.

  9. Posted by: 2shoes1977 at 12:06 on 28 January 2010 Report

    Karen I appreciate what you are saying but doesnt it amount to the same thing? Why would they bombard her with 'dead baby jokes' if not to target her and focus on the one thing that would hurt her the most?

  10. Posted by: karen at 12:34 on 28 January 2010 Report

    2shoes, because they are trolls and she created an opposition group. Besides, I think the way the anti-jokes people have campaigned is all wrong anyway. They should have petitioned facebook to make groups like that ' private' not public. That way free speech would have prevailed and the group would not be open for all to see on facebook. Asking for a ban was never going to succeed.

  11. Posted by: Roland Cleth at 13:52 on 28 January 2010 Report

    2shoes1977 - "Why would they bombard her with 'dead baby jokes' if not to target her..." Exactly, she chose to set herself up as a target.

  12. Posted by: bornacorn at 14:13 on 28 January 2010 Report

    hear hear Roland. The best thing that could have been done about this was not to make it a public campaign in the first place.

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