Plas Madoc tenants' fury at human waste in courtyard


Rory Sheehan

HUMAN waste has been found in a communal courtyard, leaving residents horrified.

The excrement was discovered at the outdoor area of the Druid House Flats in Hampden Way, Plas Madoc, by Shaun Roberts, 29.

His mother-in-law, Margaret Salisbury, lives at the block.

Mr Roberts, who lives across the road and regularly takes his children to visit Mrs Salisbury, said: “It was found right in front of the door, on the grass and the courtyard is surrounded by 18 apartments. 

“It was absolutely disgusting. You could tell what it was straight away.

Rolled-up socks covered in faeces were also found near the scene.

Mr Roberts said its presence could have proved a health hazard.

“My mum wanted to open a window to make a cup of tea and she just couldn’t because it was right outside,” he said.

“It was causing a terrible smell as soon as you open the door.

“It’s dangerous and unhygienic. 

“I have children and so does my brother-in-law and they visit here on a daily basis, but now we have had to keep them inside.”

The flats are owned by Wrexham Council and Mr Roberts said he made calls to the authority after the grim discovery on Thursday morning in a bid to get it cleaned up.

But when the waste was still there later that day, residents decided to clear up the waste themselves.

Then on Friday Wrexham Council staff visited and further cleaned and disinfected the mess. 

Mr Roberts said: “We must have used nigh on 30 buckets of water. 

“I called the estates office and they said the cleaning service should deal with it.”

“I went round the flats asking if anyone had a hose as I’ve got a pressure washer and could have cleaned it with that but no one did.

“For the council to not do it straight away it’s a double-whammy. 

“There’s at least three residents, including my mother-in-law, that called the council about it.

“I’ve also contacted the police because you liable for an £80 fine if you leave dog waste lying around, let alone this. 

“We’ve lived here nine years and nothing like this has happened before. 

“I don’t know what goes through the minds of people who do things like this.”

A spokesman for Wrexham Council said: “Officers attended on Friday, and disinfected and cleaned the area.”

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