Mold man jailed for six years for biting man's nose


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A DRUNKEN man bit off the tip of a Good Samaritan’s nose and spat it out in the street.

The horrific incident, which left the victim effectively with a hole in his face, was captured on CCTV.

Daniel Reynolds, 20, of Glan Alun, Mold, was jailed for six years yesterday.

The victim, who had been out celebrating his 50th birthday, was left with terrible injuries after he simply went to intervene when he saw a young woman being kicked and punched in a shopping precinct.

Robert Powell shouted to attacker Reynolds to “get off her”.

But Mold Crown Court heard how the next thing he knew Reynolds turned on him and bit him, with force, to the nose.

Reynolds was all wound up and he was bouncing up and down saying “come on then, come on”.

A police officer was able to recover the tip of the victim’s nose from near the HSBC Bank in Mold Town centre.

But it was not possible to re-attach it, Matthew Dunford, prosecuting, said.

However surgeons had done a brilliant job in reconstructing his nose although he faced possible further surgery.

Reynolds, who had been bailed to an Ellesmere Port address, was jailed after he admitted a charge of wounding with intent.

He claimed not to remember it after drinking a bottle of vodka.

Judge Niclas Parry told him: “It is frankly almost incomprehensible that one human being can act towards a second human being in the way that you did.”

The victim had the misfortune of coming across Reynolds, who was already engaged in violence.

He heard a scream which he described “like an animal caught in a trap”.

The judge told Reynolds: “All he did was run to help.

“He found you standing over a female who was lying on the floor, carrying out a sustained attack, punching and kicking her.

“He pulled you away but you bit him to the face.

“You bit his nose off. It is no exaggeration to say that to the lay observer you left him as if he had a hole in the middle of his face.”

Mr Parry told him: “You knew what you were doing after drinking a litre of vodka.”

He described it as a “gratuitous act of extreme violence” which resulted in hours of painstaking reconstructive surgery.

Mr Parry said: “One can only wonder in amazement at the skills of the surgery.”

The surgery involved replacement skin to Mr Powell’s nose and removing cartilage from between his eyes to re-build the end of the nose.

Myles Wilson, defending, said that his client was full of remorse.

The bite was an aggravating feature and it resulted in a nasty injury.

Reynolds had expressed remorse and told police that he wished he had had his head kicked in that night and had not bitten the victim.

The defendant was lightly convicted, had entered a brave guilty plea and was the primary carer for his mother, Mr Wilson said.

Reynolds received a concurrent four month prison sentence for the assault on his partner Kayleigh Price, which sparked off the whole event.


THE court heard how Mr Reynolds had spent the evening on March 8 drinking in Mold with a friend named David Radcliffe-Jones.

His birthday had been a few days earlier and they had been out for a few Saturday drinks.

At about 12.45am the following morning, the two men were walking up Mold High Street close to the HSBC Bank when Mr Powell heard a scream from a nearby alley.

Prosecutor Mr Matthew Dunford said “He said he had never heard a scream like it.”

Mr Powell ran to where the scream was coming from which was close to the entrance to a shopping precinct.

“He saw a woman on the ground.

“That woman turned out to be Kayleigh Price and the man who stood over her was the defendant Reynolds.

“Robert Powell saw the defendant stood over her.”

“The defendant was raining down kicks and punches on her.

“Mr Powell ran over and took hold of the defendant to protect Kayleigh Price and shouted “get off her”.

At that stage Miss Price started shouting at Mr Powell – it appeared that she was defending the man who had just been attacking her.

The prosecutor said that the prosecution did not rely on her as a prosecution witness.

Mr Dunford continued: “The next thing Robert Powell knew was that the defendant turned to him and bit him, with force, to the nose.

“He felt instant pain in his nose and pushed the defendant away.”

His friend called the emergency services as Reynolds ran off.

Police and an ambulance quickly attended and temporary Police Sergeant Gareth Ferguson was able to recover the tip of Mr Powell’s nose from near to the HSBC Bank.

Mr Powell was taken by ambulance to Wrexham Maelor Hospital  where he was found to have a two centimetre section of his nose had been bitten off.

“Unfortunately it was not possible to re-attach the tip that had been recovered,” Mr Dunford said.

He had a tetanus booster and had to have reconstructive surgery under general anaesthetic.

The victim was in hospital for three days and the prognosis was that he would have permanent scarring and a differently shaped nose.

He showed photographs of the injury, and how he was after surgery, to the judge who described them as “graphic.”

Police were able to use CCTV to locate Reynolds.

He was captured on CCTV spitting something out of his mouth, which turned out to be the tip of Mr Powell’s mouth.

The footage was played to the court.

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