Pet mauled in Mold dog attack


Jamie Nield-Siddall

TWO girls were left devastated after a dog savaged their beloved pet guinea pig.

Alicia Turner, 13, was left sobbing as she opened the curtains at her home and was confronted by her beloved pet Fudge lying dead in the garden next to a loose husky-type dog.

Her mother Vicky Houghton, of Nant-y-Coed, Mold, said her younger daughter Mia Turner, six, was also “screaming” when she saw the havoc wreaked by the roaming dog.

Miss Houghton, 44, bravely went into the garden and took the dog into the house to prevent it from attacking any of her neighbours’ pets but once inside, the large animal trashed the kitchen.

Miss Houghton said it was an “awful” morning and it was her daughters’ screams that were most upsetting.

“It was terrible,” she said. “My eldest daughter is devastated. She is still on the edge of tears all the time.

“We’ve had Fudge for three years and he had become a much-loved part of the family.

 “Children adore these animals and to see a dear pet so viciously attacked in their own garden is highly distressing.”

Miss Houghton said she had just woken up when Alicia alerted her to a “big dog” in the garden.

“She started crying and saying ‘Please tell me that is not Fudge’.

“I ran down the stairs and went outside to see if Fudge was dead or alive.”

She said she went into the garden and found the dog had dug underneath the hutch and had dragged the guinea pig out before mauling and killing it.

“I dragged the dog inside and threw it in the kitchen,” said Miss Houghton.

“I then realised I had left my keys in the kitchen with the dog so I had to go back in there.

“It was trying to get out of the door so I had to wrestle with it to keep it in the kitchen.

“It was the kids’ screams. It was horrible to hear them like that. It was awful.

“And to think that someone else’s pet had done it and to think it could do it again is awful.”

Miss Houghton said she had always been very careful to secure the hutch in case of a fox attack.

She added: “I put the dog in our kitchen to stop him killing any of the neighbours’ pets.

“I phoned the dog warden who came to collect the dog.

“He took it to an animal rescue centre because the dog was not chipped.”

She said it was lucky that there was no permanent damaged caused to the kitchen.

“It just trashed the kitchen a bit,” said Miss Houghton.

“When I put it in the kitchen, I could hear it scratching on the door and could hear noises but it calmed down quite fast.”

She added: “I just want to let people know that there is a dog in this area that could do this.”

The Flintshire Council dog warden took the dog to Capricorn Animal Rescue Centre at Padeswood where it was collected by its Mold owners.

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