Shotton woman tells of disgust at needle find


David Humphreys

A WOMAN who found a hypodermic needle outside her home described the experience as “frightening.”

Jacqueline Balloqui, of King Edward Street, Shotton, discovered the discarded needle in a crack in the pavement outside her home yesterday morning.

She said: “This area has been a regular meeting place for drug users in the past. It’s frightening to find needles outside your own home.

“It was disgusting when I saw that.

“It could have been a child that found it and thought it was something they could have picked up,

“I could have picked it up myself and been infected by it. It’s an absolute joke.”

Miss Balloqui, 41, said she was angry items continue to be dumped outside her home and drinkers would often gather in the alleyway next to her property and discard their used cans in the street.

“You’d often find people standing round drinking alcohol and then just dumping their cans anywhere they like,” she said. “I’m absolutely disgusted, I’m sick of people using my property as a dumping ground.”

One of the most bizarre discoveries was on Wednesday afternoon when Miss Balloqui returned from shopping to find a broken toilet left in a shopping trolley outside her house.

“On a regular basis, people just get their bin bags and dump them outside my back gate and I’ve had enough of it,” she added.

“Somebody actually left a toilet outside my front door in a trolley, I just can’t believe people can do this.

“It’s absolutely disgusting, the trolley is the final straw and something needs to be done.”

Flytipping is continuing to anger community leaders in Shotton, with Cllr Mike Evans comparing waste dumped in Strickland Street to a “war zone”.

He said: “The area between Strickland Street and Caernarvon Close is absolutely disgusting.

“I’ve been reporting these areas for the last two years.

“It’s getting back to how it used to be, people shouldn’t have to look at this. As we head towards summer, the discarded waste is just going to attract those massive rats, cats and vermin.”

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