How lower energy bills can positively impact your business



Your business' energy bill arrives like clockwork each month, making it a regular feature in your budget. While your business certainly requires some energy consumption to operate, there are many different ways to lower your business’ energy bills. One of the simplest ways to reduce your energy bills is to switch provider using a service such as Energy Help Line to find the lowest cost option. Other ways to save on your energy bills include investing in more energy efficient appliances and electronics, unpluging cords at night to reduce phantom usage charges and take other related steps. You may have many responsibilities that demand your attention on a regular basis, so lowering your energy bills may not be at the top of your list of things to do. However, there are four key benefits that your company can enjoy when you make this effort today. 

Increased Cash Flow
By lowering your energy bills, you are making an effort to reduce your company’s overhead on a regular basis. Whether you upgrade to a more energy efficient heating and cooling system, add more insulation to your facility’s walls, purchase more energy efficient computers and office equipment or make other changes, these are all changes that will have an on-going, year-round impact on your company’s utility bills. By reducing overhead, you free up cash in your budget that can be put to better use. 

Increased Lifespan
The lifespan of everything from your office’s light bulbs to office equipment is dependent on how frequently they are used. By turning off your office lights each night and fully powering down your machines, you can reduce your energy bills while also increasing the lifespan of your various electrical equipment and supplies. 

Improved Public Image
When you make a concerted effort to improve your energy efficiency, you actually can use this to your advantage. By publicizing your efforts to promote energy efficiency in your operations, and particularly if you document how significant your reduction in energy consumption has been with a before-and-after energy comparison, you may improve your public image and perhaps even earn a loyal following of eco-minded consumers who prefer to work with environmentally friendly companies.

The incentives available to businesses that make environmentally friendly changes vary from time to time. However, there are often rebates, tax credits and other benefits available to your business for doing everything from upgrading your HVAC system to installing more insulation in your walls. Take time to review the rebates, incentives and tax credits available to your company right now and you may learn about how to make much-needed changes at a reduced cost. Effectively, these incentives and offers provide your business with an affordable way to reduce energy consumption for on-going savings.

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