Statistics Show Anglers are 70x More Likely to Be in Debt



As we all know, the costs of our favourite leisurely pursuits can quickly add up, but it seems that those with a keen interest in fishing have to keep an eye on their finances more than most. That’s because data compiled by debt advice company has shown that anglers are 70 times more likely to find themselves in financial difficulties than those that don’t play the sport, and this fact is hardly surprising when you consider the costs.

Bait, fishing licences, travel expenses and top of the range equipment can all cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds to acquire, and then there are the fishing holidays to far-flung destinations that keen anglers find difficult to resist.

Each of these factors can result in a bank balance that’s far from buoyant, so try to stay on top of your finances if you like fishing or you could soon sink hook, line and sinker into debt.

Pricey Pastimes Revealed

It’s not just anglers that are highly likely to find themselves in the red financially too, as the Debt Free Direct data also showed that people with a passion for cooking, cinema-going and golfing were also susceptible to money troubles.

Conversely, hiking and music appeared to be two of the most affordable pastimes, though hikers were still said to be four times more likely to get into debt and music lovers ten times more likely, so it’s still important to stay in control.

In fact, Debt Free Direct revealed that on average we spend £33,222 on our hobbies and interests every year, so if you’re finding that your pursuits are having a negative impact on your finances it could be time to try something new!

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