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Fridge freezers are ubiquitous and will suit most households. They are versatile, space-efficient and offer fantastic value for money. Storage capacities vary greatly, with some models offering more fridge space, some more freezer space, ensuring that whether you have a small or large kitchen, whether you are single or have a family, you will find a fridge freezer that is just perfect for you.

Haier fridge freezers come in a selection of colours to suit your kitchen's style and all offer a range of great features. With an A+ energy rating, they will save you up to 25% energy compared to an A energy-rated fridge freezer and with their reversible doors, they can be adapted to your kitchen layout. Their freezers benefit from no-frost technology so you will never have to worry about defrosting and wasting energy. Some models even have foldable shelves so that you can store tall items in your fridge.

But perhaps one of the most innovative features of Haier fridge freezers is to be found in our 3-door models. The middle section, MyZone, is a 37-litre independently controlled compartment that you can set to become either a fridge or a freezer, increasing the storage capacity of either your fridge or freezer according to your needs. As MyZone takes just 38 minutes to convert from fridge to freezer, if you change the setting before you leave to go shopping it will be ready for your return.

The MyZone fridge freezer is one of Haier’s star products, admired for its flexibility, usability and modern aesthetic design. An external LCD control panel allows you to regulate the temperature of every compartment effortlessly while super cooling and super freezing functions give your fridge freezer a welcome power boost when you have just come back from shopping and need to keep your groceries at just the right temperature.

If you have a large family and a reasonably sized kitchen, then you might want to consider an
American fridge freezer. Rather than on top one another, the main doors and compartments are positioned alongside each other in a side by side fridge freezer style. This effectively gives you twice the storage capacity of a traditional fridge freezer, but of course, also takes twice the space. However, they are undeniably a great buy for a large family, and all the food is conveniently stored on shelves or in small size baskets, making it very convenient to reach.

A Haier American fridge freezer offers the same great features as a traditional Haier fridge freezer such as A+ energy rating, no-frost technology, super freeze and super cooling functions, a vegetable drawer with humidity control to keep your vegetables fresh longer, and more.

If your kitchen is not large enough for an American fridge freezer but you still need a large freezer and have a utility room or a garage, then a
Haier chest freezer is the answer. While some models are small enough to suit a single person, chest freezers are really at their most practical for large families. They are ideal if you buy foodstuff in large quantities and need to freeze them for a long period of time.

Like our fridge freezers, Haier chest freezers are A+ energy-rated. They come with the super freeze function for a faster freezing time, 2 gaskets to organise frozen food and a door lock.
For complete flexibility, the new HB21GW in glossy white finish is among a new range of models which come complete with ultra practical French doors. This is ideal for those who are looking for a stylish yet functional fridge freezer. It's also packed with great features such as an energy saving inverter compressor, humidity-controlled crisper and even an ice-maker.

Whichever size your kitchen or your household is, you can be sure that by choosing Haier you will find the perfect solution to your needs.

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