Christmas Gifts For Poker Fanatics



Is it nearly Christmas time again already? Many of us are still recovering from last year, whether it’s financially, physically or mentally. It’s true though, it’s coming around which means we need to start planning what kind of gifts to get our loved ones.
Well, if you have anyone in your family that loves poker, there is a wide range of gifts you could get them to quench their thirst for the game that they love.
Poker Table!
All players need a table to play on don’t they? The coffee table may have been suffice for now, yet all players dream of having a proper dedicated table to try and rinse their friends of money. There is a wide range and they really do not need to stretch the bank balance too.
Poker Chips!
A nice case full of quality poker chips is also an excellent idea. Try not to go for the cheap plastic ones, go for good quality. These make it easy for them to take the chips to wherever the game is being played, whilst it of course beats having to use 2p coins to represent their chip stacks.
A Poker Book!
There are masses of poker books on the market, so make sure you choose one that represents where they in the game. If they are quite new, “Poker For Dummies” may be a good choice. If they have been playing a few years though and consider themselves competent players, it may be better to get a book of advanced strategies written by some of the world’s top poker players.
Poker Cards And Box!
Cheap playing cards don’t last very long before they get marked, torn or have spillages all over them. So why not consider getting a set of top quality cards that are durable and come in wooden box to keep them protected when not in use.
Poker Movie!
If they already have all of the above and you are running thin on ideas, there is always the good and trusted DVD Christmas present. Rounders is probably the best poker movie, which starred Matt Damon, and centered on him getting involved in some underground poker games. There are others too, like the classic movie “The Cincinnati Kid” which starred Steve McQueen.
Other Options!
Ok so now you really are running out of options, well there are still other simple ideas such as playing poker  in Fulltilt, or a Poker Computer game, a personalised dealer chip or perhaps a lucky charm they can have sat on their table. If all else fails however, there is always the cash gift that can be used to stake a few games!

Still stuck?...Just get some socks!

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