Tips and tricks for getting the charity job of your dreams



Working for a charity can be a very rewarding career option, and it is becoming increasingly popular as more people than ever decide that they want to enjoy greater job satisfaction.
Working for a charity allows you to make a real difference to the lives of many people. Additionally, it is a large sector of the job market so there are a wide range of jobs that you can get involved in whatever your area of interest or expertise, whether that is fundraising, PR, marketing, admin or mentoring.
But how do you start your search for the charity job of your dreams? Here are some tips and tricks to get you started.
Volunteer Your Services
If you do not have any relevant experience to help you to get a job in the charity sector then volunteering your services for free is by far the best way to get your foot in the door and find yourself a charity job.
Contact your favourite charity or a charity in an area that you are passionate about, and offer your services for free. If you have a skill like web design then make sure you explain this as you may be able to help in this area.
Even if you don’t have a particular skill, many charities will be very grateful that you are offering your time for free, and this experience will stand you in good stead when you start to look for a job. Who knows, you may even end up finding employment at the charity where you volunteer.
Apply for an Internship
An internship is similar to a voluntary position because you do not get paid, but you will normally be hired for a specific role and period of time. For example, you may be able to find a six-month internship working in a PR role for a local charity.
An internship will show that you are serious about working in the charity sector and will look excellent on your CV when you come to apply for a job. It is another tried and tested way to improve your employability.
Be On the Lookout for Jobs
Once you have some experience from volunteering or an internship, or you already have skills that are transferrable to the charity sector, start looking for jobs. There are lots of places to find charity job vacancies, including the job sections of national and local newspapers. Always be on the lookout for something interesting and something will be sure to come along soon.
Network with Other People
A great way to improve your chances of finding your ideal charity job is to network with other people in the industry. Make friends with people on Facebook, join organisations and attend their open days, visit networking events and get yourself known. This can be a great way to lead to many potential openings, and at the very least you will be making some useful contacts.
Send Applications for Jobs
Once you have some skills and experience, start applying for jobs. Send off your CV on spec to employers in charities that you find interesting, and apply for open positions that are advertised. Even if you do not feel like you have all the required skills, there is nothing to stop you trying. Every interview experience will teach you something, and the more you attend the more chance you have of finding a satisfying and rewarding charity job.
Find Your Ideal Charity Job

These are just a few tips to help you to find the charity job that you’ve been looking for. A job in the charity sector is a dream for many people, and if it is something that you want to try for yourself then there are lots of exciting opportunities available. Use the above tips to improve your chances of finding your ideal charity job today.

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