Holywell man's 'bizarre' nuisance calls shame


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A MAN who made random nuisance calls on his mobile phone made some bizarre comments to his victims.

Bachelor Gareth Owen Lloyd, 49, told those who answered that he had his manhood stuck in various objects.

A court heard he told one shocked woman that his penis was stuck in a jam jar and told another it was stuck in a vacuum cleaner.

Lloyd also made silent calls.

Flintshire Magistrates Court at Mold yesterday heard how an extensive enquiry was launched to try and identify the nuisance caller.

BT traced the number to an unregistered pay-as-you-go mobile phone so there was a danger the caller could not be traced.

Then the police had a stroke of luck when the same number appeared on a mobile phone which the police were analysing and included the defendant’s contact details.

He was arrested and his phone was found to have made about 5,800 calls in just over a two month period.

A number of complainants had never been identified.

But some had told of the upset and anxiety he had caused, said prosecutor Justin Espie.

Apart from the silent calls, he had made comments of a sexual nature and told how his manhood was stuck in a variety of different objects.

But he did not go into any explicit detail in terms of any sexual acts.

It was the prosecution case that there was a sexual element to it but felt it did not meet the criteria for a SOPO (A Sexual Offences Prevention Order).

Mr Espie suggested an order be made banning Lloyd from having a pay-as-you go phone which could not be traced to him.

Lloyd, of Bryn y Coed, Holywell, admitted three charges under the telecommunications act – making calls which caused annoyance, inconvenience and needless anxiety, and making calls which were grossly offensive.

On arrest, he admitted making a number of calls and claimed he did it for a prank, but things got out of hand.

Lloyd candidly said he never thought he would get caught.

But he had not realised the anxiety his calls would cause.

Phillip Marshall-Thomas, defending, said that while 5,800 calls had been made in February, March and April this year on the mobile phone, he was sure the majority of them would have been perfectly innocent and within the legal boundaries.

He did accept he had made calls as alleged by the prosecution and pleaded guilty at the first opportunity.

There was no obscene language or threats of violence.

“He thought that he was having a bit of a joke.

“It was a joke in poor taste, perhaps a little perverted to say the least. He accepts that,” said Mr Marshall-Thomas.

“He now realises that his behaviour was totally unacceptable.”

Since his arrest he had not sought to have a phone and had not indulged in any such behaviour.

He did not have a drink problem, only drank at weekends, but it was accepted some of the calls were made after he had been drinking.

“My client apologises profusely for his behaviour,” he explained.

“He realises now how much worse his behaviour was than he considered at the time.”

Lloyd was the carer for his 84-year-old mother and it would cause great difficulties if he went to prison.

District judge Andrew Shaw placed him on a 12 month community order under which he will receive supervision.

A 12-month order was also made that he must not use or own any mobile phone other than a contract phone where the provider would know and retain his personal details.

The judge, who ordered him to pay £85 costs, said the offences involved a very large number of victims.

His calls had caused a substantial nuisance but fortunately there was no obscene language or threats of violence.

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