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A SHOP owner who believes her Flintshire store may be haunted has reported further unexpected sightings.

The Leader has previously reported on Helen Perry, who runs The Party Shop in Mold and believes there are ghosts on the premises.

Several reports of spooky sightings have been made by customers and staff.

Helen said: “I’m not into ghosts, but I like to keep an open mind. Things just keep happening and I can’t find a reasonable explanation.”

There have been sightings of a face peeping out of an attic window since before Helen opened the business.

“We think it’s a girl called Sarah,” said Helen. “She likes helping us find stuff. She likes to play as well. We often find stuff on the floor in the mornings. Some of it is quite silly.

"For instance, we all know that helium balloons float. They don’t move down. But we’ve found some in the cellar and they couldn’t have got there unless someone took them there.”

The shop has been visited by a number of paranormal experts, who have all put forward theories.

Helen added: “They agree that it’s a young lady about 15 years old. One theory is that she threw herself out of a window while another is that she caught smallpox and was confined to the room upstairs where she died.

“Another man said that she could have been pushed down a well when her family found out she was pregnant.”

“We do know that there is a fifteenth or sixteenth century well under the building, and when it was filled in the sixties they found bones down there.”

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