Super Furry Animals guitarist brings family raving to Buckley Tivoli

Published date: 07 July 2017 |
Published by: Jamie Bowman 
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Do you ever long for the days when you used to dance all night with your friends Those great nights out clubbing before the children and responsibilities came along and spoiled everything?

If you do, Huw ‘Bunf’ Bunford, guitarist with Welsh hitmakers Super Furry Animals, may well have the solution.

Starting in Brixton in the summer of 2013, Big Fish Little Fish (BFLF) promote events billed as ‘family raves’ with all the freedom and excitement of a mini-festival, right in the heart of cities and towns across the UK.

For the past year, Bunf and his wife Tabitha have been hosting raves in Cardiff but this month sees them venture north for the first time with the Big Fish Little Fish franchise coming to The Tivoli in Buckley on Sunday, July 9.

“It all started two years ago when my wife and I were living in London,” says the father-of-three.

“We’d been going to these events which had been going for about five years. We knew the people who ran it and they found out we were moving back to Cardiff and asked us to look after the Welsh version.”

Inspired by founder Hannah Saunders’ lifelong love of clubbing and her babies’ enjoyment of festivals, BFLF throws everything into the mix from big name DJs, creative themes and guest artists running everything from hula-hoop demonstrations to synthesiser workshops to interactive light installations.

“It seemed like a challenge but I thought there was a chance that it would work,” says Bunf, 49.

“We have three kids and come Sunday you’re running out of ideas. There’s only so many coffee shops you can sit in and if you go to the park you’re worried about the weather.

“It was totally leftfield with its concept but when you go in, there are the sorts of things you’d associate with a playgroup like craft stalls and face paints but it’s just done in a more creative way and you feel like you’re going to a club. It’s great fun and of course there’s a bar too!”

The first event outside the capital will see Bunf swap his guitar for DJing duties with the 49-year-old also promising to operate the bubble machine as he plays a set of classic dance tunes.

Kids will be able to have fun with glow sticks, bubbles, a glitter cannon, huge balloons and a giant parachute dance finale.

Aging ravers, meanwhile, can expect a range of tunes, from techno, hip hop, house, disco, garage, rave and drum ‘n’ bass ensuring they can really ‘throw some shapes’ around the dancefloor.

“I’m officially the Welsh ambassador for BFLF but I usually do a warm up stint on the decks as well,” he laughs.

“This time I’m manning them but hopefully once we’re established we’ll get some more guest DJs in.

“I think the best thing is that people come back again and again. It’s a breath of fresh air for people looking to do something with their kids. You can bring your friends too and it’s a totally new experience and it’s different from what people expect.”

At the end of July, Super Furry Animals will release a newly remastered edition of their classic 1997 album Radiator with the reissue full of new interviews with the band as well as B-sides, alternate versions and unreleased demos.

“It’s a mad bag of tunes we’d forgotten about,” says Bunf, remembering the album which was recorded on Anglesey and went on to reach number eight in the UK charts.

“It’s such a long time but I can remember bits of it. We seemed to have this mad urge to get as much music out there as possible which was easier to do 20 years ago.”

Getting back to the rave, Bunf seems delighted when I tell him the event has an ‘animal fantastical’ theme although he stops short of promising to wear the band’s famous Yeti stage costumes which now reside in Bangor University’s music archive.

“I think we played in the Buckley Tivoli at the end of the nineties with Space,” he adds. “I can sort of remember it but it’ll feel strange going back there.

“I’ve managed to get the rest of the band to come before and DJ and they’ve all got families so they’ve enjoyed it.

“The funny ones are the PA and tech guys – I think seeing little babies being held up in the air to Beyonce was a bit of a shock for them.”

Big Fish Little Fish takes place at The Tivoli on Brunswick Road, Buckley on Sunday, July 9 at 2pm. For details and tickets go to

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