A BOARD has been unveiled in memory of four people who died during the Mold Riots.

More than ninety people listened to the story of the four people who died in the riots at the commemoration of their life and times at Tyddyn Street United Church last week.

Welcoming those sharing in the event Mervyn Phillips, the church’s history group chairman, said all four were more than 'names in a court record'.

Three of those who were killed were young people with their lives before them and all four would be grieved by their families, he said.

The names of the four - Edward Bellis, Elizabeth Jones, Margaret Younghusband and Robert Hannaby - were read out in turn by students at Ysgol Maes Garmon, followed by the reading of the entry on the memorial board by the Church’s History Group members.

A memorial board was unveiled by Ted Mackay, former miners’ agent with North Wales branch of the NUM.

He said that the history of the not so distant past should not be forgotten, but that the sacrifices had lead to fairer wages and the better protection of people’s rights liberties but they were in danger of being eroded.

In her reflections the Reverend Kathryn Price, Minister at Tyddyn Street Church, said the world has changed.

The four sad deaths by violence in Mold in 1869 were part of a train of events that lead eventually to improvement in conditions, she said.

But Rev Price added the gap between rich and poor is 'still wide and beginning to widen'.

Local Historian David Rowe has advised the community group and explained that the records kept about the four was limited, but the group had collected good information about them for the memorial board.

The group had also worked on the background life and times in the 1860’s set out in the two new boards in the Church Upper Room.

Members of the group summarised the work in preparing the boards.

A choir from Ysgol Maes Garmon also took part and sang two Welsh songs.

Councillor Chris Bithell said that with the 150th anniversary approaching it was good that Tyddyn Street Church, around which much of the action in the riots took place, had arranged this commemoration event and he thanked all who had taken part.