The baby murder trial at Mold Crown Court has heard details of an incident at the Countess of Chester Hospital where defendant Hannah Turtle claimed her son James had stopped breathing.

The court was told that when mother and baby were alone that she ran down a corridor carrying baby James in her arms, shouting for help and said he had stopped breathing.

He was given oxygen and barrister David Elias QC, prosecuting, has told the jury that it was the prosecution case that Turtle was responsible for that two.

James was taken to hospital three times, according to the prosecutio, after he was suffocated by his mum at her Deeside home.

The third episode proved fatal.

Kate Connole, a paediatric nurse, said Turtle ran down the corridor, put the baby on the desk and said he was not breathing. The baby was pale in colour and floppy and was not moving.

“I told mum to pick up the baby and run back to the room that they were in,” she said.

She pulled the emergency buzzer and applied oxygen. A team including doctors arrived and he recovered.

The mother was obviously in panic at the time and James was pale and floppy but he was not blue.

Paediatric nurse Kimberley Hand said James was quite floppy and Turtle appeared anxious.

The baby was kept on a heart monitor, he recovered and there were no concerns about him. He was then feeding well.

Health care assistant Carly Stretch said Turtle kept coming out of the room and saying how sorry she was.

She did not say what she was sorry for, but she was a very nervous and apologetic person.

Miss Stretch told her there was no need to apologise and led her back to the room.

She later came out and asked them to check on James’ breathing and they did so.

During her checks every 20 minutes throughout the night she did not see Turtle hold James at all. She did not handle him, and did not pick him up.

She agreed with barrister Gordon Cole QC, defending,  that throughout the night she would ask people to check if his breathing was alright.

On each occasion, staff dealt with her, went to see James and calmed her down.

Miss Stretch agreed that Turtle disclosed she had been abused as a child, that she had mental health problems and suffered from depression.

Hannah Turtle, 22, from Ryeland Street in Shotton, accepts that she stopped him breathing on three occasions within a 10-day period in 2016.

Turtle says she did not intend to kill seven-week-old James or to cause him really serious harm.

She denies murder, three charges of ill-treatment and two of administering poison amid allegations that she gave him her own anti-depression medication in his milk.