A 21-YEAR-OLD has been made the subject of a Sexual Risk Order preventing him from having any unsupervised contact with children under 16 for a decade.

Appearing at Wrexham Magistrates Court, Kyle John Rowlands was also told he would not be able to use any device capable of accessing the internet, including a phone, unless it has the capacity to retain and display the history of internet use and he makes it available on request for inspection by a police officer.

Rowlands, of Edinburgh Avenue in Caergwrle, is also banned from using search engines on any device where that search engine is designed not to retain or record the history of the search.

He must not have any unsupervised contact or communication of any kind with any child under the age of 16  unless he has the consent of the parents who know his previous behaviour and has the express written approval of Social Services.

Full details of the behaviour which led to the order were not revealed in court, although when questioned by prosecutor Gareth Preston, DC Thomas Barrett of North Wales Police Amethyst Team confirmed a large amount of evidence had been gathered on Rowlands including details of a "highly sexualized conversation with a child" online.

A Sexual Risk Order can be made in respect of an individual who has not been convicted or cautioned for an offence, but who nevertheless is thought to pose a risk a sexual nature as a result of which there is reasonable cause to believe that they pose a risk of harm.

The aim behind the law is to make it easier to monitor and restrict the activities of anyone who is deemed by the authorities to pose a risk of sexual harm to the wider public.

District judge Gwyn Jones said he was satisfied that the grounds for an order had been reached and that Rowlands had committed a sexual act.

He was warned that he must keep North Wales Police updated with any changes to his address and told that a breach of an order, without reasonable excuse, is a criminal offence which might be tried in court with a maximum penalty of five years in jail.

No application for costs was made by North Wales Police.