We've seen celebrities get in baths with all kinds of substances in them for charity in the past –  custard, beans and gunge to name but three.

To celebrate his eighth birthday, Oliver Wynne decided to go one better and had a bath filled with hundreds of pancakes.

Oliver, of Hawarden, aspires to being a YouTube star. He climbed in his tub at home and was covered in savoury treats and chocolate sauce for his big day.

Oliver, who attends Ysgol Bryn Coch in Mold, has autism. Mum Mandy said while Oliver mixes with friends at school, he can feel anxious in larger group situations such as parties – making the rare birthday treat a reality.

Alongside Autism Flintshire organiser Janetter Danks, Mandy put together 350 pancakes for Oliver to sit in – alongside his favourite biscuits, Kit Kats, along the bath.

She said: “Oliver goes on YouTube a lot and said to me for his birthday he'd like to do this.

“There must be someone on there who does something similar so I put it on Facebook he wanted to do it.

“He doesn’t like parties or fuss so we made it between us and his dream came true.”

The budding social media star is now the feature of his very own YouTube video after his bathing escapades were recorded on a tablet.

Mandy added: “He loved it, his little face was a delight. 

“He just wants to see how many likes he can get.

“He just wants to be a YouTuber.

“Our life works around Oliver but it's days like this that make it worth it.”