Primary school pupils were delighted with unique homework instructions this week.

Ysgol Bryn Gwalia students were instructed to bring into school one colourful, odd sock, which represented themselves.

The school decided to take part in the Anti-Bullying Alliance’s (ABA) anti-bullying week, which is held nationally from Monday, November 13, to Friday, November 17.

Bryn Gwalia has adopted the ABA’s message, ‘All Different, All Equal,’ by encouraging children to bring in their odd socks to school.

Jill Griffiths, year four teacher, said: “The message all different, all equal is the same as socks – all socks carry the same purpose but there are many different kinds.

“We encouraged pupils to bring in colourful, patterned or spotty socks rather than their boring school uniform ones.

“It was quite interesting that one girl brought in a sock which had a few holes in it, so we used this opportunity to discuss how sometimes holes happen in life, but that it will be ok. We are all individual.”

The socks will be collected during the week and displayed on a large board in the corridor, which aims to show off a sock from every pupil in the school.

The pupils have also been working in their individual classes using resources provided by the ABA, which helps young children understand what can constitute as bullying, how behaviour affects others, and what can be done to put a stop to bullying within the school and home life.

Mrs Griffiths said that although Ysgol Bryn Gwalia annually support anti-bullying week, the school acknowlegdes that bullying is a year long issue in many different surroundings and wish to take a proactive approach against bullying.

She said: “We are an anti-bullying school, but it’s an important message for the children.”

More information for schools, parents or pupils can be found at www.anti-bullyingalliance.