Sales staff at a mobile phone shop in Wrexham are celebrating after being hailed as the best for connecting with their customers.

The team at Carphone Warehouse came out top of their region, which includes stores across North Wales, Shropshire and the West Midlands, in a customer survey.

Manager Richard Smith was delighted with the survey results and praised his four customer consultants, Phoebe Hughes, Jack Hughes, Alice Morris and Carolina Malik.

He said: “To get top place in the region for customer service is a brilliant result especially as customer service is so difficult to measure. We use a net promoter scoring system which is an industry standard.

“A few days after making a purchase, or seeking help and advice from our staff, the customer gets a text and is asked to rate the performance of store staff.

“We came out top when it comes to customer satisfaction and that’s out of 25 stores including stores in Shrewsbury, Wolverhampton, Aberystwyth and Stafford. I’m delighted with the result.”

According to Richard good customer service was vital when it comes to retaining market share.

He said: “Mobile phones have fast become the remote control of our lives. We use them for banking, keeping memories, contacting our friends and families. They are the starting point as far as our access to the rest of the world is concerned.

“The manufactures are forever pushing the boundaries, making screens bigger while keeping phones the same overall size and thickness and security is a big issue these days. Keeping our personal information safe is of vital importance.”

Customer consultant Phoebe Hughes, 19, of Wrexham was thrilled the team came out top in the customer service survey.

She said: “We are all really proud and it shows we are doing things the right way. Richard as our manager is always driving home the message that we need to be on top of our game when it comes to ensuring good customer service.

“I really enjoy working at Eagles Meadow. Our Carphone Warehouse team is excellent and I love meeting and talking to our customers.”

“I think our customers, and we have a lot of regular customers, really appreciate how we deal with them and how we help as much as we can.”


Carphone Warehouse manager Richard Smith with Phoebe Hughes. The team there have scooped top place in their region for customer service out of 30 stores in the area.