A MIDFIELDER  is set to join Wrexham today with a striker expected to sign next week.

Manager Dean Keates revealed that the duo have agreed to move to The Racecourse and just need to put pen to paper.

The players were two of the four targets that have been made offers by Keates, whose new-look Wrexham squad report back for pre-season training today.

“I am fairly sure we will have one more in today,” said Keates.

“We have agreed with two players, one will be in today and one should be here next week, he is just getting a few things sorted out at his previous club.

“One can cover a couple of positions for us across midfield and the one coming in next week is a forward.

“It is football and something could always happen differently but it is all agreed and all in place so one is in today to sign and all being well, one next week.

“They are not 100 per cent sorted but they are as close as they can be and it is just a case of them putting pen to paper.”

Keates says it has taken time to complete the signing of one of his targets as he was under contract.

“One was still under contract at his previous club,” said Keates.

“He wasn’t seen to be needed for next season, he had a year left on his contract and it was a case of trying to come to an agreement with his contract.

“It was a case of everything getting sorted on his side.”

Keates is revamping his squad ahead of a 10th season in non-league and eight players – Christian Dibble, James Hurst, James Jennings, Shaun Pearson, Manny Smith, Sam Wedgbury, Jack Mackreth and Chris Holroyd – have already arrived at The Racecourse this summer,

“That is two more to add to the total, then it is just a case of looking at the last few slots to be covered over the next few weeks,” said Keates, who hopes to go into the new season with around 18 or 19 players.

A striker who trained with Wrexham last term will be spending time on trial with the Reds in pre-season so Keates can run the rule over him.

“We have got a trialist coming in next week,” said Keates. “He is a forward and somebody that we had in last season.

“He came in for a week and did well but we couldn’t get clearance for him to play in any friendlies so he only trained with us.

“He looked different to what we had at the time and it was a case of seeing if he was prepared to come back in pre-season so he will be with us for a couple of weeks.”

Keates is looking to add to his attacking options but insists he won’t sign players for the sake of it and will make sure the new arrivals are right for the club.

“I am still speaking to people and there are new players being thrown at us,” said Keates.“It is just a case of getting the right ones that we want. 

“I could quite easily have gone and got a team built on the first day but it is not just looking at what they are as football players.

“It is also whether they have got the right characters that we want in the club.

“We are going to go with a small squad and it is massive that there is a great cohesion amongst them and they are all pulling in the right direction.”